Don’t think that pools are fun just for kids. And not all gorgeous pools are olympic swimming pools. What is a good pool for you? Is it big? Has it a great view? Is it on the top of a skyscraper? Or it’s just on the centre of pure nature?

Here are ten fantastic hotel pools around the world. They are all the best from their aspects.

1 – One of the hottest pool scenes in Miami is of the one at the Raleigh Hotel. It was built in 1940; and since then it has been hosting many celebrities and figured in many postcards.


2 – After a day long skiing, you can relax in the heated pool of the Hotel Portillo located in Chile.

3 – At the edge of the city’s skyline, there is an infinity pool on the rooftop of Teh Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

4 – In Santorini, the great pool at The Katkies Hotel will amaze you.

5 – The pool that cantilevers out over the streets of the city belongs to The Hotel Joule in Dallas.

6 – In Baja California’s wine country, there is a pool with great views of the deserted landscape in The Endemico Resguardo Silvestre Hotel

7 – The Casa Colombo Hotel in Sri Lanka featuring with a pink pool.

8 – The largest and deepest pool of the world is in Chile, at San Alfonso del Mar Hotel. It lays along the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

9 – There is a really big pool complex at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. It combines eight different pools surrounded by temples and statuary.

10 – There is another infinity pool at the Ubud Hanging Gardens, in Bali. It’s very high and overlooks the rainforest.

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