1 -Dubai is essentially a desert city with superb infrastructure. Although it is an Arab city, Indians are known as the fathers of development in Dubai.

2 – Majority of its income is made up of tourism. Only %8 of its income is made up of oil. Trade is another source of its income.

3 -Dubai has an arid climate with very hot summers especially in daytime. Falls and springs are also hot. But winters are pleasant and dry.


4 -Dubai is known for its beaches. The water gets as hot as 37 degrees in summer. The water temperature is around 20-25 degrees in winter, 30 degrees in spring and fall.

5 -Dubai’s main airport is the Dubai International Airport. It is the largest hub in the Middle East.

6 -You can get in Dubai by plane, by car, by bus and also by boat. Travellers coming by

boat will use the Indian Ocean. In the city, you can get around mainly by bus, by metro and by taxi.


7 -Some places worth seeing: Al Ahmedia School, Bastakiya District, Dubai Museum,

Jumeirah Mosque, Shindagha District, Souks. And modern structures such as: Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, Burj al-Arab Hotel, Dubai Marina, Palm Islands.

8 -Besides going to the beaches and the sea, you can enjoy hot but interesting natural destinations. You can go to parks and play tennis, volleyball and soccer. You can watch camel races. Desert safari, Hot Air Balloon, Dubai Zoo and even Skiing is among your options.

9 -Alcohol is available only in licensed premises, usually attached to hotels. Do not forget that it is illegal to drink alkohol in public places.

10 -Among things you can buy are textiles and technological devices. There are many souks and malls in the city, including Gold Souk, Spice Souk, the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates.


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