It’s getting closer… This Thursday is the day of love. Have you decided what to do on Valentine’s Day? Are you the kind of person who is content with a bunch of roses; or who wish a romantic getaway? Here are the best Valentine’s Day destination for romantic couples. Choose one and make your lover happier!

1_San Sebastian romantic_shutterstock_107535017

San Sebastian, Spain

This seaside town in Spain’s Basque region has the wide and inviting La Concha beach, as well as the forested Aiako Harria nature reserve, located just quick drive inland. Also you can try some of the best food of the best restaurants in the world with your beloved one.


Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in both Italy and world. It is very important for those who love romanticism. Home to history of Valentine’s day, the city offers many beauties of nature and history.


Venice, Italy

This city will seduce you with its magical atmosphere. Built on basically waters, Venice offers you a romantic getaway on a gondola at sunset, showing you the secret ways to the eternal love.


New York, USA

February is the favourite month for the couples who are in search of a romantic holiday in United States of America. You can get lost on the city lights of Broadway. You can enjoy both nice snowy days and days full of fun indoors.


Prague, Czech Republic

If you wish for a romantic and elegant entertainment with you lover, Prague is perfect for you.  With luxurious restaurants, elegant operas and historic sites, you will feel a different era on your holiday.


Vienna, Austria

Austria’s capital city Vienna is wide open for any lovers around the world.  You have a variety of events to attend, from dancing nights to classical concerts; besides you can complete your special night with horse-drawn carriages taking you back to the hotel.

7_Miami, Florida_shutterstock_116779504

Miami, Florida

Miami is the hottest city in United States of America. The city is full of amazing people and fun. Night life may be more entertaining than the sunny days on the beach.


Crete,  Greece

Pearl white, milky blue and power pink will change your mode while sitting on the beach. But don’t let the colors fool you. This beach is no kiddie pool; it’s the perfect escape away from the kids.

9_Edinburgh, Scotland_shutterstock_98074637

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has an old-world charm about it that draws visitors to the city. There are many romantic hotels in this city, with luxurious B&Bs nestled on quiet, cobbled streets; refurbished Edwardian and Georgian-style guesthouses minutes from the centre; and trendy modern hotels in the city.


Paris, France

Paris is one of the most be-loved city in the world. The city speaks romance. Take you lover’s hand and get around the pretty flower gardens, quaint cobbled streets and cosy street cafes. Do not forget to kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower.

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