Bucharest, Romania The majority of Bucharest’s architecture that you see today is made up of buildings that were constructed during the communist regime. Can you imagine that one-fifth of the city was actually demolished so that the Casa Poporului could be built in its place? Step back in time and visit the Village Museum. It is an interesting outdoor museum with a collection of more than 300 buildings that make up the history of Romania’s rural architecture. Here you can see peasant homes, barns, wooden churches and Transylvanian houses that all recreate a village setting.

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Bern, Switzerland According to legend, Bern was named when its founder, Berchtold, was advised to go on a hunt and to name the town after the first beast caught. The bear has remained the symbol of the capital city ever since. One of the oldest and most charming cities in Europe, its old centre was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the preservation of its cobbled medieval street plan, with many ornate fountains, towers, a massive astronomical clock, and buildings much the same as they have been for the last 500 years. With its relaxed atmosphere, farmers markets and friendly people, it is easy to forget that this is the Swiss capital, an important city of politicians and international meetings. And with its interesting museums, theatres, long-standing monuments and landmarks Bern is a popular base from which to explore the mountains and lakes of the nearby Bernese Oberland.

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Cannes, France. Cannes, one of the best-known cities on the French Riviera. The famous and jet set flock to Cannes especially during the annual Cannes Film Festival. For beach lovers then there is Cannes sandy beach but remember that most of the beach areas are private and you will need to pay for access. The Le Suquet area is an original fishing village that has appealing narrow streets which climb up to the top where you can get a wonderful view of the city.

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