One of the most heartbreaking things for animal-loving travelers is having to leave their pets at home. Sure, it’s great to take a break from work, and it’s always awesome to go on a holiday. However, thinking of your furry friends being alone at home and having no one to play with—is not the most comfortable thing in the world, is it?

Traveling with pets has gotten so much easier in the past years. These days, it’s more hassle-free, and many travelers now can have more convenience and even perks when traveling with their pets to other countries.

Here are some information, tips, and pointers for people who wish to travel with their pets.

Consult the airline

Remember that different airlines have different animal acceptance policies, so checking with them before you book your flight should be one of your priorities. Ask them about the most ideal way for your pet to travel—if they’d be allowed to stay with you in the cabin, or if they need to be in cargo.

Technology has made it easier for pet travel as well. Many airlines now offer a tracking system that lets the owner check on his/her pet. Also, it’s not only you who can get miles for traveling! In some airlines, pets could also get travel miles, so you could have more days and perks for more trips in the future.

Consult the vet

This is one of the things that you must remember to do before traveling with your pet. Apart from all the basic vaccines, you must also consult the doctor on what other kinds of preparation it may needs. Having an ill pet while traveling is not only a hassle, it’s also heartbreaking to see.

Pet Passport?

Like you, a pet also need a passport for travel. Technically, it’s not really a passport like the one you carry around when traveling. It’s more of a record book that has all the vital information such as a photograph, treatment records, veterinary certificate, sanitary certificate and other requirements. The rules usually differ in all countries, so it’s always best to check the website of the place you plan to visit to check what you need to prepare.

Buying a pet carrier

A pet carrier is always a must for all traveling pets, because if you don’t have the required sized and quality, it’s possible that you won’t be allowed to take your pet travelling with you. The best thing to do is to ask the airline if they have specific requirements for pet carriers. They’re usually sold in airports, but they will be way cheaper if you buy them outside, beforehand. Lastly, you must make sure that your pet is comfortable in the carrier, so the trip will be fun for the both of you.

One of the advantages of buying the pet carrier early is that you’ll be able to train them weeks before traveling. This will help them get used to it, and also help them find a comfortable position.


Your pet carrier will need to go through the airport x-ray before the trip, so you will need to remove your pet from it. In most airlines, you will need to walk with it through the metal detector.

Don’t forget the tag!

Remember that you will be visiting a foreign place, so like you, your pet will also be adjusting to a new environment. Always have your pet wear a tag your name, address, phone number, and other essential details on it. This is for cases where your pet decides to explore by itself and unfortunately finds itself lost in an unfamiliar place. By having a tag, you will definitely not worry as much.

Food, water, cleaning up

Always remember to have some food and water for your pets, so you don’t need to worry about them getting thirsty and hungry in random places in random times. Also remember to always clean up after them when their business is done.

Going inside establishments

Many restaurants, shops, and other establishments now allow pets inside. Usually, they have a sign outside saying if they do, but just to be safe, it’s always better to ask. Don’t wait for them to escort you out of the establishment!

Looking for pet-friendly hotels

Booking for hotels beforehand is also advisable, so you could check out the environment and ask if they allow pets inside. Many hotels now allow pets (and even have grooming places for them), so you really won’t have any difficulty looking for a nice and hassle-free space.

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