I really like watching the Formula 1 but unfortunately in the UK it is so expensive to go to watch the races, plus the accommodation, car park fees etc that you are easily looking at a lot of money…. However one of my mates mentioned going to Turkey to watch the Formula 1 in Istanbul which was back in May… We totaled up the cost which for the 4 days came to about 500 quid including flights, general admission to the track for Saturday and Sunday plus our accommodation.

We booked our flights and accommodation and worked out the best way for us to get to the track. We decided to use public transport instead of paying €40 each way which was what some companies were asking for, we used the local ferry and buses which totaled about €10 return and got us there easily and it was more fun catching the ferry and being able to see the wonderful sites of Istanbul with its towering mosques intermingled with all the new buildings.

We made sure we ate a good breakfast, filling our thermal flasks and grabbing some fruit with us as we knew food would be expensive at the track, which it was. The entertainment outside of the actual track was great with many of the teams having their own stands and it was great seeing everyone get involved. There were plenty of competitions and little things to be won.

Luckily we were given ear plugs before we entered the track which was a good thing as I had never been to a live race before and didn’t realize how loud it would actually be. Luckily it was a sunny day in Istanbul so we were able to sit on the grass just on the first corner.  When the practice started the noise of the cars was literally deafening I never thought it would be as loud as it was. The practice race was great and many people were cheering for their favorite team.

We spent the day walking to different parts of the track trying to work out where the best place to grab a picture would be it was very hard trying to take photos when the cars were passing you at 120mph but it was all fun trying.

There was plenty to keep us amused the whole day with the different things going on and we couldn’t wait until the main race on the Sunday.

The following day was fab there were far more people there and main race was amazing.
Felipe Massa made it three in a row at Istanbul after sealing his third victory at the Speed Park even though there was intense pressure from Lewis Hamilton who led an inspiring charge to second place but it wasn’t quite enough to beat Massa.

The biggest drama of the whole day was at the rear of the field on the opening lap when Giancarlo Fissichella overcooked the first corner and ploughed into the back of Kazuki Nakajima, ripping the rear wing off the Williams and inflicting irreparable damage own his own car but the safety car immediately cam out onto the track as a result of the incident. It was great to watch it all!!!

All in all the weekend was great and half the price of what we would have paid if we had gone to Silverstone to watch the races and we got out of the UK for a few days and managed to see a few of the amazing sites in Istanbul and watch the races.

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