As much as you want to hit every historical monument, museum, and tourist attraction on your vacation sometimes you a need a little fun injection for the rest of the family whose tame vacation needs a little adventuring. Hop into any of these parks for a vacation break the whole family will enjoy and thank you for afterwards.
Disneyland Paris: Serving as the biggest tourist attraction on the European content, this park is said to blow Disneyland California and Disney World Magic Kingdom out of the water. It boasts all your favorite classics with a Persian twist and some rides like it’s a Small World are said to be even better than their originals. Expect long lines and a bit of a pricey entrance fee, but the experience will leave the kids fulfilled and will delight the big kid inside you. They also have some great new rides like Crush’s coaster, an indoor dark coaster featuring the turtle from Finding Nemo and a Cars spinning ride which has shots from the movie as you whirly-gig around with your favorite cartoon friends. Be sure to stop by Toon Studio and see a parade or two too.

Disney is in Marne La Vallee which is easy to get to by train from Paris. the journey by train will take about 30-45 minutes

A popular and affordable hotel in Euro Disney is the Santa Fe
Universal Meditrainia: Located in Spain this new park just got a golf course on its ground with all the animates so Dad won’t blow all the fun and while the whole time, just send him out for a few rounds and have fun with the kids. There’s also a great resort near by featuring all the must have amenities, a private beach and yacht club, and an amazing staff. As well as a water park fit for a fish sporting the newest and highest water slides available.
Europa Park: Imagine Disney World’s Epcot Center with bigger European replicas and tons more rides and that’s this park. Operating as a wider variety of what Disney has this park has everything for every age and the admission isn’t too shabby compared to some of the United States fares. Situated in Germany this park has the top spot for amusement park with the most kiddy rides, sporting an Adventure World and a Children’s adventure all specifically made for kids ten and under to enjoy. Also offering your run of the mill thrill rides, some awesome and unique food choices and a few modern rides that would make Disney jealous. Make sure to go there early, you’ll want to stay all day.
Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Come to this ark for the acres of thrill rides and stay at night for the entertainment packed with comedy, showy lights and fireworks shows, and some great song and dance theatre. This park offers a variety of treats with forty five restaurants to choose from that are open day and night. Experience and adrenaline rush like no other then lounge in a chair with a soda and some fish and chips before doing it all again. Located at the end of the main promenade in Blackpool.  Bets time to visit is during the Blackpool illuminations month. Wrap up warm and you will still enjoy!

For the best rates try to travel out of half term or at weekends

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