Frame: A typical Greek restaurant offering stellar culinary fare with the lightness of a not so typical Greek menu. The culinary arts of this venue make healthy eating simplistic and nutritious while still relying on a home cooked, relaxing atmosphere with a 1970’s twist. Lounge music comes over the speakers at all hours as people lounge on white backed chairs and startling pastel swatches of colors. Be sure to come early and stay late as it’s trendy with the 20-something scene.
Poseidon’s Temple: This adventure can be quite a hike away with lots of transportation to and from the island, but once there the cliffs and majestic views will make it all worth it. As one of the most defended harbor ports in Athens many of its temple columns still stand the test of time and are intact, just as gorgeous as ever. Another plus is you can feel free to jump off of any of the cliffs with a swimsuit or in your skivvies or even naked if you please. In the laid back European sensibility you won’t offend anyone or even make them bat an eye. Keep an eye out for a specific pillar where supposedly Lord Byron carved his John Hancock.
National Garden: This is a three in one sensory emporium with a zoo, a nature park, and a zoo. The Garden’s are located near Mount Acropolis and makes for a cheap diversion for the kids. If you want to go hiking and the teens want to be lazy send them over to the gardens. Make sure to bring your own picnic though as prices around this prime spot tend to sky rocket and it’s not worth the noshing as the small portions in cafes’ leave you hungry after exercise.
Jimmy’s Inferno and Flea Market: These two sites feed off each other as a fun and eclectic activity to enjoy with any number of people and age ranges while not breaking the bank or waiting in lines. Jimmy’s sells old and hard to find vinyl’s, tapes and cds from all across Europe and is known for his collection as well as his impeccable English. He’s also a font of rock and metal knowledge and can tell you some bits of rock history you never knew and introduce you to Athens underground club scene. The flea market at Monastiraki offers the best deals on antiques and new and used goods all for the haggling. The eclectic nature of native Athenians and the tourists mingling is a fun site and you can learn a lot about the art of finance.

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