Backpacking on a Dime
 As a tourist some vacations are just not complete without seeing the sites for yourself and on your own terms. One of the most creative ways to do so on a budget involves you, a backpack, a map and a guidebook with your own whims at the helm. As a popular form of travel because of the affordability as well as the cultural immersion, there is nothing more fun than adventuring on your own. Sometimes the most fun part of the trip is planning out everything on a small budget and here are some tips to do just that:
1) Pack filling foods for your journey such as nuts and fruit or even whole wheat bread which is healthy and will fill you up faster. The more you have to snack on the less likely you will be to spend excess money or eat anything you shouldn’t from the locals.
2) Keep money close at all times putting it in several different spots close to your body in case of emergency. It also comes in handy if you spend all your money too quickly and then remember you have more in your sock when you take off your shoe.
3) Bring All Purpose Clothing which is pretty much  given, but layers will do wonders on your trip and don’t over pack fancy club wear or dinner wear on your trip. If you have to get dressed a nice pair of khakis or a jean skirt will work for walking long tours as well. Make sure every article has at least one dual purpose and there will also be less wash.
4) Check into a Hostel in a central place in the city if you use them. These hostels are most often the most comfortable and the safest. They also are around lots of different English speaking places in case you get lost or there is some kind of emergency.
5) Pack Folgers coffee packs, tea, and buy your own whipped cream and save money on starbucks coffee and other delicious confections. It’s okay to soak up the atmosphere of a trademark coffeehouse, but you’ll spend way more then necessary on overpriced teas and coffees when you could just as easily make your own. It’s not like they have more caffeine in their cappuccinos in Europe.

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