While in Spain soak up the sun, fun, and culture, of the hippest and most gorgeous city by using these compass markers to guide your awesome journey.
Foodball: A new modern restaurant centered on the packing of rice balls injects a little funk into the ice cream shaped scoops. They stuff the whole grain rice with mushrooms, chicken, tofu and various other good foodstuffs and its cheap as sin. A fun and innovative dining experience that is both filling and totally wacky. A health food alternative for the whole family!
La Paloma: A dance venue/club that offers the floor to the older set before nine pm extends its elegance to tourists with its smashing décor. The chandeliers and red velvet alone are breath taking but the old world charm kicks it up a notch with the exquisite wall paneling and marble floors. You’ll feel royalty bound and romance worthy as a DJ spins your favorite pop classics and you slink into the corner for a cocktail. They also house live performances and gorgeous balconies to give you a great vantage point.
Casa Mila: An amazing view of Barcelona from the rooftops of this corrugated beach house leaves nothing to be desired in terms of atmosphere, company or the delectable liqueur. Chilled wine and live music greet you after hours from 9pm onward and the hush of the ocean forms soothing backdrop from the crazy tourist season.
La Font Magica: Offering an amazing light, sound, and water show this fountain comes to life over the weekend. Be careful when traipsing around there however because the tourists can be rampant and aggressive with their need for pictures.
Museu Picasso: This is a must see whether your familiar with the work of the famous painter or not. The sanctum doesn’t house any of his most famous work and instead showcases his work from a younger and older period. The contrast from forms and styles takes your breath away and from those efficiando of his famous work, you can gain perspective and more respect for the man whole made painting his life.

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