Last year I had a chance to visit Belfast. It is the capital city of Northern Ireland, surrounded by hills and located at the mouth of the River Lagan.

I was so excited when the plane took off the Belfast International Airport. I didn’t have any problems to find the airport bus to the centre. It took about 45 minutes to get there.

Actually I am not so good at finding my way without a guide but Belfast is such a small city that I didn’t get lost.  Metro and buses are available if you prefer not to walk.

Belfast offers one of my favourites “Open top bus tours” It cost around £10 and lasts 2 hours. It offers a short insight and orientation of the city

I firstly visited Donegall Square in the city centre. It is famous for being the business centre and shopping area of the city. There are many banks and society branches on the square. You shouldn’t miss to see the Victorian architecture in the centre. Waterfront Hall is one of the beautiful examples of these fascinating buildings. There is also the Odyssey Complex ( the Titanic Quarter). It is a huge sport and entertainment centre that was visited by many famous artists. Saint Anne’s Cathedral is another landmark of the street. It is located at the end of Royal Avenue. It is an amazing building that shows the impressing cultural heritage of the town.

If you prefer to be outside, you should visit the Botanic Gardens. In Botanic Gardens, the Palm House offers many interesting and local plants that worth to see. For the ones who are interested in, the Tropical Ravine displays beautiful tropical fauna. There is Ulster Museum within walking distance to Botanic Gardens. The museum exposes a rich section on the history of Irish conflict and marina life.

An important landmark of the city is Belfast Castle. The castle is situated on Cave Hill. It is a huge castle that dates back to 12th century.  You canalso  find an antiques shop, restaurant and visitors centre inside the castle.

I also had a great traditional breakfast when I was in Botanic Avenue in Maggie Mays. It was so delicious that I highly recommend the place. For a great night out, I can recommend McHugh’s Bar and restaurant on Queens Square. The restaurant is located in Belfast’s oldest building and offers excellent service with delicious traditional food and music J

I had so much fun on my trip to Belfast and recommend it to my all friends!!

Enjoy Belfast and visit the Titanic Quarter where you can see the Hamilton Graving Dock, RMS Titanic and Olympic Slipways, Queen’s Island and the Thompson Dock Pump House

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