When discussing ideas for a vacation, going to beaches is always considered when looking for a place to relax. Most vacations take place in the beach, because most of the time, people are confined in cities and concrete houses, so it’s highly unlikely that they see a massive body of water in their backyards every day.

There are so many great beaches in the world, so the options on which places to visit are endless. Below are some spots that are sure to create a memorable vacation.

Bondi Beach, Australia

It’s difficult to believe that this place is just 20 minutes away from the city. Though Bondi Beach in Australia is near the busy streets of Sydney, visitors will surely forget about the noise when they reach its sandy shores. This is one of the best spots where people could dive, snorkel, swim, or simply just sunbathe. This is one of the best spots to surf as well—the waves grace this place all year round, so you’re sure to catch them when you visit.


This is one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro, and visitors will surely have the time of their lives. This 4-km beach is famous all over the world, and millions flock this place every year. This public beach is best for sunbathing, swimming, and partying. It also doesn’t hurt that the beach is filled with beautiful bodies and friendly people.

Boracay, Philippines

This is one of the most visited beaches in the Philippines and even the whole of Asia. This beach is known for its bustling night life and white sand beaches. The White Beach and Bulabog Beach are two spots in this island that will sure make anyone relax and unwind.

Cancun, Mexico

When one mentions Cancun, only one image comes to mind: beaches. This place allows visitors to do a variety of activities by the beach, such as: horseback riding, visit the aquarium, dive, go fishing, snorkel, play sports, and of course swimming and sunbathing.

Kuta Beach, Bali

You can never go wrong with the many beaches in Bali, Indonesia. Located in southern Bali, Kuta Beach is flocked millions of people from all over the world each year. Luxury and comfort of accommodations juxtaposed with a great nature trip is sure to create the best holidays.

Balos, Greece

Aside from its rich history, and monumental attractions, Greece is also known for its great beaches. The Balos Beach is one of the spots that the country is famous for. The sand and clear waters of this little paradise is surrounded by mountains and castles that make up a really awe-inspiring view. Definitely a must-visit.


The size of this place is unbelievably small, but it is home to the best beaches in the world. The small islands that make up this country have the best sandy resort beaches that boast of the best services that will spoil all visitors. The picture-perfect lagoons and coral reefs are some of the features that this tropical paradise has to offer.


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