There are many different modes of transportation that one would be able to experience when traveling. Most of these modes, however, require gasoline, energy, or other unnatural factors. While these are undoubtedly necessary, it’s always good to also immerse yourself in activities that don’t require machines every once in a while—like walking, or cycling.

Cycling has always been one of the healthiest, not to mention cheapest way to get around. This activity gets more and more famous with travelers, especially those who wish to really explore natural scenery. If you’re one of these people; if you’re always in search of the most beautiful places great for cycling, read on. Here are some of the best, most exciting, and most rewarding cycling routes in the world that we highly recommend to travelers.


Luchon to Bayonne, France

This biking trail has been famous to travelers and cyclists since the 1940s. Today, it remains as beautiful and challenging as ever. In between the trails of Luchon and Bayonne are challenging mountain passes, downhill rides, and of course, a beautiful scenery. 


Ruta Austral, Chile

Taking this route will give you a chance to see the lush landscapes of the national parks of Queulat and Cerro Castillo. What you’ll see along the way are waterfalls, rivers, fjords, and impressive flora and fauna. You can also do some kayaking on the Futaleufu river. You also won’t have a difficult time picking a time to go cycling here, as the route is perfect all year round.


Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is no stranger to scooters and bicycles, and with great surroundings to explore, this is where you can have great time cycling. Across these two cities, you will be able to have stunning views of beaches and jungles, and be immersed in a culture with smiling faces of the locals. The sights and sounds will definitely add more beauty to your trip when you plan on biking on this side of the world.


Luberon and Mont Ventoux, France

Taking a journey to Mount Ventoux, the “Giant of Provence,” which has gained worldwide popularity because of Tour de France, is always challenging and rewarding. Taking this route, you will pass by striking fields and forests, as well as lovely villages. You must take note that you can get access on the summit road on summer months, as the mountain will be covered with snow in the Months of December to May.


Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

Just by mentioning “New Zealand,” you will already have an idea that you will be enveloped with dazzling landscapes. The best time to go cycling on this route is sometime around the months of June to August, when the roads are clear and dry. The Otago Peninsula has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best cycling destinations on earth, so you’ll be in for a memorable time passing through great roads from the town of Dunedin to lots of challenging but manageable twists and turns along the way.


Do you have other great cycling spots in mind that you think belong to this list? Share with us your ideas on other excellent spots for cycling, we’d love to find out about new ones that are worth exploring!

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