Caffeine has been one of man’s best friends for centuries, and with all the cafes and different kinds of coffee being produced today, it clearly isn’t running out of style. More and more cities are turning into having serious cafe cultures (and we’re not talking about major coffee institutions here), and more kinds of coffee blends continue to be developed in all corners of the world.

For those of you who simply cannot function without coffee and would like to embark on journeys where it’s the main attraction, read on. Here are some of the places in the world where coffee is a way of life, a part of a culture, and a continuing piece of history. If you find yourself in any of the places below, make sure to try a cup or two, as the coffee culture in these cities are some of the best in the world.

Havana, Cuba

Cuba‘s capital city is where you’ll find some amazing strong brews. Coffee is important to Cuba‘s economy, and the country remains one of the most important producers of coffee today (the coffee production especially increased at the latter part of the 18th century). Being at historic places like The Prado will give you so many different options to enjoy a small cup of strong caffeine goodness—and you can match it with some Cuban cigar, too!


Istanbul, Turkey

The method of making Turkish coffee is undeniably unique and impressive, and once you give it a taste, you sure will be in for an amazing caffeine experience. Coffee in Turkey is an essential part of culture—something that has been around for centuries. Buy yourself a cup from the plethora of Istanbul cafes and be in for a treat.


Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is famous for its hip cafe culture, so enjoying all the delicious kinds of coffee served here is an essential must-do when you’re on this side of the country. Matching them with some cake or muffin consumed in an outdoor cafe is something that will certainly be enjoyed by caffeine fanatics.


Rome, Italy

Italy is never absent in lists such as this one,and it’s in its capital where the experience will definitely become quite an experience. You must need to keep in mind some things, though: ordering caffé (espresso) is great at any time of the day, but you usually can’t order a cappuccino after 11am or after a meal (because it’s milk-based and therefore quite heavy for the stomach). Also, it will cost more if you choose to sit down rather than consume your caffe standing up.


Vienna, Austria

Famous for a big coffee culture and has been labeled as the coffee capital of the world, Vienna is another place where coffee is a way of life. Go to any Viennese café and immerse yourself in one of the locals’ traditions, and just allow the world to go by in front of you. 


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

It is not uncommon to find a group of friends hanging out at different street corners facing the street and talking over some iced coffee–this is because coffee-drinking in Vietnam is considered as a social activity that allows local to relax and unwind even for just a little while. Strong and usually milky, Vietnamese coffee is something that will definitely give you an idea of one of the country’s most important cultural pastimes. 


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