Floating markets are some of the most interesting forms of selling and buying goods. Shopping in this kind of setting does not only help out small communities—they also look so interesting, with the boats and the seemingly endless varieties of colorful items in store.

These types of markets started out in countries that used boats as some of the most important modes of transportation. There are many of them in Asia, specifically in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. These days, there are still many floating markets around, and many of them have become tourist destinations. Here are some of the best floating markets that continue to be visited by travelers from around the world. If you find yourself in these countries anytime soon, we suggest that you check out these places—you will sure be in for an amazing time.

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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (Thailand)

Located at the Rajburi province, this is one of the markets in Thailand that could get a bit touristy, but will definitely be so much fun. The best time to visit this floating market is early in the morning–you will not just get rid of the throngs of visitors, you will also get the chance to buy the freshest goods. Here, you will be able to see a colorful and busy canals lined with boats, and if you’re planning on buying something, you must not be afraid to bargain!

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Cai Rang Floating Market (Vietnam)

This floating market is one of the most significant ones in Asia, as it’s the largest floating market in the whole Mekong Delta. Aside from the wide variety of fruits and vegetables sold by friendly faces, this floating market is also so beautiful on sunrise. Wake up early and be rewarded by this wonderful event when you’re here. 

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Aberdeen Floating Village (Hong Kong)

This side of Hong Kong gives a whole new meaning to the city being a famous shopping destination. While it is true that Hong Kong is a great place to shop for clothes, shoes, and bags, there is another kind of shopping attraction that lead visitors to its shores every year. This is a great place to admire the hundreds of junks and get some fresh seafood. Home to great seafood restaurants, this is a great place to have scrumptious produce.

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Banjarmasin Floating Market (Indonesia)

In Banjarmasin, Indonesia, floating markets have long been part of the locals’ everyday life. The rivers are some of the most important contributions to people’s livelihood here, so you’re sure to see a beautiful and traditional way of life. Make sure you make here early, as the floating markets are available at around 5am to 9am.

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Taling Chan Floating Market (Thailand)

Since Thailand is home to many floating markets, we figured we couldn’t just give you one attraction. The Taling Chan Floating Market is the place you must visit when you’re in Bangkok and would like to try some more amazing food in a unique setting. Aside from the plethora of scrumptious local food, you’d also be glad to know that this is less touristy than the other floating markets in the country.

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Have you been to any floating market? We’d love to hear about your stories, and perhaps write more features about more floating markets in the Asia and the world. There is indeed, something so beautiful when shopping for food and other items in these kinds of setting, and we’re sure there are still a lot more that we should learn about!

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