Going to museums and galleries is almost always part of a trip–these are ways in which one can learn about and appreciate the history and culture of a certain place; a means of discovering what a city has in store when it comes to art. These are usually indoors, and require an entrance fee, so if you don’t have much to shell out, you may not be able to see some great artworks

But don’t fret just yet.

Though street art is not universally accepted, there are still millions of people from all over the world that recognize and practice it in different countries. Here are some of the best places where street art are huge attractions; where graffiti and street art are important attractions that must be seen by visitors.

source: upperplayground.com

Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese capital is one of the places where street art is an important attraction. Street art has been huge in Lisbon for years, and talented artists continue to decorate the streets continue to produce great designs. Some of the great spots for street art are the ones done by Crono, a project that commissioned artists to transform abandoned and old buildings into great art pieces.

source: jocundist.com

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known for its many art events, museums, and galleries, and one of the things that many visitors look forward to here is the street art. Constantly changing and getting more and more impressive, this is the city where you’ll find lots of stenciled figures, tags, and paintings all over the streets. The best ones are found at spots like Mitte and Kreuzberg.


source: allcitystreetart.com

Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Sao Paulo, Brazil is famous for the enormous murals and unique graffiti. The spots where you can find some of the best street art here are over at the Vila Madalena neighborhood, and the artists that you must definitely must watch out for include Claudio Ethos, Calma, and identical twins Os Gemeos.

source: discoveringsaopaulo.com

New York City, United States

New York City has not lost its touch when it comes to amazing street art. The city still beams with awe-inspiring artworks today, and has lots of amazing exhibitions featuring street art greats Like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, and Invader. Head over to Brooklyn and Manhattan to see some of the city’s best.

source: foundinbrooklyn.blogspot.com

Melbourne, Australia

Go on the many street and alleys in Melbourne, Australia and you will get to see some amazing murals and wheatpastes all over the place. This city has also been labeled as the “Stencil Capital of the World,” so if you’re particularly fond of this kind of street art, Melbourne is definitely the place to be.

source: flickriver.com

London, England

Last but definitely not least is the city of London. Famous for England-based street artist Banksy, this is the place where you can find some of his most impressive works. Some of the artists whose works you’ll find here are by artists like Adam Neate, El Chivo, Shepard Fairey, Roa, and Invader.

source: postersandprintsblog.com

Have you been to any of these cities? Or have you visited other cities that have street art as famous attractions? Share with us some of the best spots you’ve been to, we’d love to hear more about new places dotted with impressive street creations!

source: artgraffiti.info

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