In every country that travelers visit, much attention is given to the places and landmarks in store. These are usually the most important parts of planning—to visit the things that make a place unlike anywhere else. Names of monuments, historical structures, museums, and natural treasures are written down, visited, and crossed out in the itinerary. But after every trip, where do you go? Where do you lie down and rest?

Hotels are very important part in all kinds of travel—be it budget or luxury. Coming home to these fleeting places after a day of exploring and visiting important sights is always part of every trip. That’s why many hotels have offers that will make the visit extra special for travelers. Throughout the years, hotels have become attractions themselves, building up qualities that don’t just serve as places to sleep. Theme hotels all over the world are slowly making themselves more and more popular, and many people are starting to notice. Here are some of the best theme hotels in the world that we’d like to recommend to give you a whole meaning to the word “accommodation.”


Hard Days Night Hotel

If you’re a Beatles fan having a vacation in Liverpool, you will definitely be tempted to stay in this hotel. Devoted to the Fab Four, this hotel will provide you with design related to their music. It is also here where you can arrange tours to Beatles attractions in the area (such as the Cavern Club, where they got famous).


Capsule Hotel 

At the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, Japan is this hotel that would most probably not be a hit despite its size. Though clearly not for claustrophobics, this hotel will surely make one experience a whole new kind of accommodation, as it will only be enough for one person, and you won’t be able to stand up when you’re in it. This is something worth trying if it’s a unique room you’re looking for.


The Icehotel

Like what the title implies, this place is made of ice and snow, and is definitely one of the most unique (not to mention freezing) accommodations you’ll ever encounter. Located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, this place also boasts of impressive ice art exhibitions.


Woodlyn Park 

If you’re in New Zealand and would like to stay in an accommodation that could make you feel like a hobbit, this is the place to go. Located at the Woodlyn Park in Waitomo, this “Hobbit Hostel” will definitely give a unique experience, Lord of the Rings style.


Propeller Island City Lodge

In this hotel in Germany, the rooms are not identified by their numbers, but by their design. This amazing Berlin attraction-slash-accommodation will immerse you in a world of paintings, murals, and unique works of art. With unusual beds (a coffin for sleeping, anyone?), trippy wall designs, and audio-visual works, this is certainly for someone to be a part of a huge work of art.


Have you stayed in unique places such as these? Tell us about your stay in unique hotels! We’re always looking forward to new ideas, and we’re pretty sure there are still so many strange, unusual, creative, and fascinating accommodations out there!

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