Eating out is one of the most fun things to do, but with the many restaurants around, competition could be quite challenging. This is why many restaurants in the world have thought of new, exciting, and downright strange ways of dining.

Below are some of the most amazing, undeniably unique, and bizarre restaurants in the world.

Modern Toilet (Taipei)

The name alone already gives you an idea of what’s in store: Modern Toilet serves their dishes on mini toilet bowls, the tables are bathtubs, and there’s one item on the menu that looks like…well, something you usually force out of your body after eating. This toilet restaurant may not be for everyone, especially those who cannot concentrate eating when they’re near the loo, but eating here will definitely be quite an experience.

Dinner in the Sky (Brussels)

Having breakfast, lunch, or dinner up in the air is possible, if you have at least $30,000. Your table will be hung by a crane, and you will be suspended more than 160 feet. Clearly not for people who are afraid of heights, though, but this sky dining experience will definitely be an amazing way to dine.

The Clinic (Singapore)

In a nutshell, this is like being in a hospital but without the disease. At the Clinic, Singapore, you’ll be “treated” by doctors while you sit in wheelchairs, your food will be like science experiments, you’ll dine under operating lights, and you’ll eat on operating tables. Unless you’re afraid of needles and hospitals in general, this will be one promising and exciting place to eat.

Ninja Restaurant (New York)

Here, Ninjas cannot do the imperative hiding, because they will be serving your food. This ninja NYC restaurant is decorated like the ninja castles that resemble those in the feudal days. This taking Japanese dining to another level…literally!

Lambert’s Cafe (Missouri)

At a regular restaurant, you will most probably go berserk if any of the staff members (or anyone, for that matter), throws anything in your direction. At Lambert’s Café, however, entering their doors imply that you’d want your food thrown at you. Aside from the big servings and lots of free refills, the dinner rolls are thrown to the customers. Practice your catching skills, you’re gonna need them here.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

It’s possible to dine up in the sky, buy can you do it in water? With this Maldives Ithaa underwater restaurant, you absolutely can! Here you’ll be served Maldivian cuisine with some Western/Asian twist. Just like Dinner in the Sky, expect this to be pretty expensive than your average restaurant.

Cabbages and Condoms (Thailand)

Not only do they serve good food, they also promote safe sex! This Thai restaurant assures that their “food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy,” and here, you’ll most definitely have a foodgasm. Cabbages & Condoms is true to their promotion of family planning, so guests will learn a thing or two while dining here.

Opaque Restaurant (San Francisco)

Dressing up for a special dinner is usually an unspoken rule, but here, it’s probably the last thing you’ll worry about. The restaurant Opaque San Francisco will legally blind servers will lead you to the dining room, which is completely pitch-black. It proves to be a difficult task to look deep in your date’s eyes, but the experience here will surely be extraordinary.


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