When traveling to Budapest it can be overwhelming due to the drastic Old World/New World fell of both locations of Buda and Pest. Both dictricts are known for their contrast in charm, elegance, and booming progressive highlights depending on what parts you enter and what time of day. Both are renowned for their peaceful, slow manner of life during the day and an epic party scene at night. Most of the sites to be seen can work for a budget or barely cost anything at all.
1) Buda Castle Labyrinth: A secret for the most part, this labyrinth built into cave earth over 20,000 miles comes with a map, and if you’re lucky, a wine room. It’s the only location not on the map and many have struggled to find it because it houses a fountain of wine that tourists can sample for free. Spend hours under the earth searching for your own buried treasure, minus the rum, while being awed and inspired by half hidden terra-cotta statues within the walls. The labyrinth is built into five separate sections of dark and often enclosed spaces, so claustrophobic tourists or those who fear the dark should skip this gem. The price alone makes it worth the trip and students get a decent discount with presentation of I.D.
2) Tivoli: A fairytale based amusement park for the young at heart sick of Disney World and its other generic brands. They have a variety of sensory attractions to delight the young and young at heart including puppet shows, orchestra concerts, and of course, roller coasters. Take a tour of the rambling gardens or buckle up on a new favorite ride, just because you’re abroad doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to stuffy history tours and architecture.
3) A-38: A club located on an old ship docked in the Danbe River locals come in droves for the awesomely priced food and drink which is hard to come by in an overseas club. Another perk is the Foosball table and gorgeous sunset views which make it a good time for any twenty-something to thirty something. Easily accessible by metro, avoid this club anytime after one am as it will be packed with teens.
4) Chain Bridge: The first bridge to connect the two cities of Buda and Pest, a replica now takes its place after the Nazi’s blew it to pieces. Seen as one of the most historical and gorgeous spots in all Budapest, it’s an oldie for tourists, but a goodie for anyone having never experienced the sunrise from its peaks. Bring a picnic basket early in the morning and set up your own romantic adventure you’ll never forget.

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