Going on a vacation in Italy always promises something that’s out of the ordinary. The country has beautiful beaches, scrumptious and mouth-watering food, wonderful people, scenic views, and wild festivals—which means that going here will never make any visitor bored.

There’s one place in this country that has been talked about for a while now, but remains a destination that’s not always part of people’s list of places to visit. Cala Dogana in Levanzo, Sicily has a simple charm that tops all those resort beaches in different parts of the world, and it certainly is a place where intimacy with nature and the people/person you’re with is assured.

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Located at the wonderful Island of Levanzo, Italy, Cala Dogana is a place that defines beauty. Nature-lovers, or simply those who are looking for a simple and quiet break will simply love this place. Surely nothing can be more relaxing than waking up to blue waters, rocky shores, and the simple ways of life of people living in it.

The island of Levanzo (ancient name: Phorbantia) is one of the three Aegadian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the northwestern coast of Sicily. On the northern part of it are secluded creeks and on the southwestern coast is where you’ll find beaches and bays. Cala Dogana, its main and only town, is situated in a port, with a breathtaking background of crystal-clear waters. Overlooking the bay, this is the only hamlet of in Levanzo, enveloped by a residential area lined with uniquely-shaped white houses.

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One of the landmarks that this place is known for is the Grotta del Genovese (discovered sometime around 1949), a place which has Neolithic and perhaps also Paleolithic cave paintings and graffiti estimated to have existed for tens and thousands of years. Studies have said that this is a place that exhibits the art of the ways of living of early man. The remaining art in this place have details such as fishing, animal husbandry, and depictions of people celebrating, dancing, and simply being merry.

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Though this place is not always mentioned in guide books, and though it’s not always part of every list of great places to visit, Cala Dogana is definitely a place like no other. If you find yourself in Sicily in Italy, and want to see a place that’s not as busy as the other parts of other Italian islands or cities, go here. You definitely will not regret it.



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