The mention of the word “Casablanca” would probably lead one to thinking about the story of the 1942 classic romantic drama that starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. This film undoubtedly made a lot of people want to visit the Moroccan city. However, there are lots of other definitions to this place that have an equally fascinating story—something that’s beautiful and like the movie, worthy of a closer look. The only difference is that you can actually experience it for yourself.

Casablanca is a city that could be found in western Morocco. It is the country’s largest city and its economical capital, but it is not really as visited as the other parts of the country. However, Casablanca deserves more attention than being a stopover. This place has a lot of promising and unique features that will give you new ideas on what Morocco has to offer.


These are some of the most famous attractions in Casablanca, Morocco that you must not miss when you’re visiting:

The King Hassan II Mosque – this is one of the largest mosques in the world (the largest one in Morocco), and when you’re in Casablanca, missing this is not an option. The architecture is simply breathtaking—aside from having the tallest minaret in the world, it also boasts of an exquisite tile work and has an overall Moorish influence. Also open to non-Muslims, this structure can hold more than 100,000 worshippers. If you’d like to see the ornate interiors inside, there are several guided tours offered here.


The Corniche – just on the west of the King Hassan II Mosque is this ocean neighborhood that is mostly for chilling and hanging out. There are lots of Western restaurants and many cafés (pick the ones that have the best views of the ocean) here, so this is a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon. The Corniche Casablanca is also a part of town which caters more to visitors looking for a night out of drinking and partying.

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Old Medina - Some parts of this Muslim city was destroyed in 1755, but it had gone through several rebuildings and renovations. This is the old part of the city enclosed by old stone walls and lots of different alleys. Aside from catching a glimpse of a typical Moroccan town and seeing traditional and influenced architecture, you’ll also find stalls of spices, clothes, trinkets, and other interesting local items.

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Port of Casablanca – this is of the largest artificial ports not just in Europe, but in the world. This fishing port is a hub for so many activities and visitor-friendly attractions. Aside from the many restaurants, cafés and shops, this is where you can see many picturesque docks and shipyards.


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Notre Dame de Lourdes – there are around 20,000 Catholics in Morocco, that’s why Notre Dame de Lourdes poses a great significance. Another great Casablanca landmark, this church, with stained-glass windows and a huge concrete hood on top has wonderful European architecture influences that are worth taking a closer look.

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Mahkama du Pacha – if looking at beautiful structures is always part of your trip, you must not miss this one. The Mahkama du Pacha is a parliamentary building with Moorish influences. You may get to explore the building’s interior (with amazing stuccos, marble columns, tiles, and mosaics) with a guide, but simply passing by this will already be worth it, for it will provide you with great photographs.

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