Nature never fails to surprise us. Every day, something new is discovered in the forests, in the seas, and in different corners of earth that we never even knew could exist in our world. New species of creatures are found, different flora and fauna are revealed, and lots of places are rediscovered.


One gift of nature that could be an example is the cave in Cenote Angelita in Mexico. Looking at the pictures, you will most likely be baffled first, as it’s very unlikely to have a river underwater. But the pictures have been proven real, which will make you wonder how this kind of underwater world came to be.

Scuba diving is a sport that gains hundreds and thousands of new fans every year. There are so many great diving places all over the world, offering underwater scenery like no other. Going to the Cenote Angelita, however, is perhaps where you’ll get the best diving experience in your life.


Cenote, roughly translated as “sacred well,” which was derived from the Mayan word “Dzonot,” was formed due to different geological events. According to studies, these caves were naturally created thousands of years ago. There’s an estimated 300 miles of passageways, and with this, a whole new ecosystem is built.

The Cenote Angelita (which roughly translates to “little angel”), is definitely one of the most important diving spots anyone could ever encounter. Here, it’s like whole different world, something that could possibly be used with the logic of how the lost city of Atlantis came to be after it flourished; after it was submerged underwater. This discovery has been referred to as “the underwater river,” which fits its appearance perfectly.

It was during the past 20 years that this magnificent place has been discovered by adventurous divers. When professional diver/photographer Anatoly Beloshchin came to visit this place, he described it as: “We are 30 meters deep, fresh water, then 60 meters deep – salty water and under me I see a river, island and fallen leaves…actually, the river, which you can see, is a layer of hydrogen sulphide.”

Eerie and magical at the same time, this underwater river is one of those places that could definitely be not compared to any other place on earth. In order to dive into this breathtaking paradise, you will need to be an experienced or advanced diver, and when you get there, a guide is imperative as well, because you will need a lot of assistance on how to get there. The dive will make you go down 200 feet—the first 100 feet will give you freshwater separated by a layer of hydrogen sulfide, and this is where you’ll see this amazing underwater paradise.

When you get to the bottom, you will see some kind of river scenery—with trees and leaves floating and looking like the real thing. However, as mentioned, this is just hydrogen sulfide and not really a river.

How to get there: this place is located 17 kilometers south of Tulum, and your adventure will unfold by doing some short walk into the jungle (about 150 meters), which is already a treat in itself because of the diverse trees, flowers, plants, and animals. You will then jump into the cenote and descend straight down, where you’ll be seeing some amazing stalactites and other wonders that could only be found underwater. This is basically how you’ll get to a whole new world of a seemingly cloudy and majestic place. Having your own light will do wonders, as the whole Angelita cenote may seem very dark in most areas.


The Cenote Angelita Mexico is truly something that you won’t easily find anywhere anytime soon, and now that you’ve seen the pictures, just imagine how amazing it will be to actually be there. Sure, it’s not really a river, and that it’s merely an illusion that happened naturally as time passed. However, swimming through this will certainly be an experience like no other.

According to stories, the Mayans believed that the Cenote Angelita has a magical connection to the universe. They see it as something powerful, something that represents life’s dualities: night and day, hot and cold, life and death, etc. With the dumbfounding manifestation of this place, it is not very difficult to believe that there is actually something that has powers beyond out knowing, that there is indeed some unexplainable thing that goes on here. Today, what we know for sure is that this is a gift—something that nature gladly shares with us. Seeing it for yourself could be literally out-of-this-world.

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