The best Chinese food in Kuala Lumpur

Forget about all the Chinese food in fancy restaurants! The best Chinese food in Kuala Lumpur is served in China Town which is located on Jalan Petaling Chinatown. While you are able to shop up and down the street, you can have a chance to taste sizzling prawn with oyster sauce, deer, kalamari or duck with a bottle of cold big beer watching the street musicians and locals passing by. You will be surprised by the richness of the  menu.
Best Orchids you will ever see

Taking a Hop on Hop off bus in Singapore, I had the chance to see the Singapore Botanic Gardens where the great National Orchid Garden was located. First you walk through the forest and see every tone of green around you. There is a seperate entrance for National Orchid Garden where you can see unique kinds of orchid which is  also known as  Singapore’s national flower. The place is worth seeing and it is open from 8.30 am to 7 pm daily.

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