I have just got back from Germany  as part of our European business trip we visited the city of Cologne in Germany, we did a week tour which included 30 students traveling from the UK throughout Europe, Cologne was one of the stops before heading to Belgium and then back home

As long as we completed some business facts about Cologne we were pretty much allowed to go off and explore and do what we want. First stop was the Cologne Cathedral which is the largest in Germany and was pretty impressive and I don’t think pictures even come close to showing how big it actually is. There are 509 stairs ( and yes I climbed them all)  up the amazing Dom cathedral where building started in 1248 but lay unfinished in gothic style for approx 300years where it was used as a horse stable and a prison by napoleon. It was finally completed in 1880 and it is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The Shrine of the Three Magi’s is said to hold the remains of the Three Kings which Kings I am not sure about and the 24 tonne bell inside is the largest working bell in the world apparently !! Once you reach the top the view is amazing and you can see for miles and miles. The inside of the Cathedral was pretty impressive the crucifix on the alter was made in year 971 which it makes it one of the oldest things I have ever seen.

Our group took a walk down the Rhine river, soaking up the scenery and we just happened to stumble upon a chocolate factory and not just any factory the famous Lindt Chocolate Factory and Museum which was definitely the highlight of this trip for me anyway. First, you go through the museum section where you learn about the process of making chocolate and got to experience a little climate change in the tropical forest room.
We also got to go through the actual factory section where people in little white baker’s hats were mixing the chocolate and handing out samples on wafer sticks from the chocolate fountain.. was I in heaven, had I found my ideal job .. I think so !!

I literally got pushed into the gift store after the tour of the museum which I was trying to avoid and luckily I made it out with only 5 bars of chocolate which I thought was pretty good given the fact that I knew they would be gone before the day was out. However the worse was to come when we found the restaurant where all kind of yummy cakes and chocolates we served. I had some strawberry cheesecake thing and it was just to die for and my dreams of owning my own sweet shop have now been restored.

After feeling pretty full from the amount of chocolate we ate we deiced to head to an art museum called the Wallraf das Museum which has modern and gothic art collections including pieces from Monet. By this time many of us were knackered and all wanted a good German beer, we walked back to the centre and managed to find a nice little pub which was happy to serve 15 students and we also had a traditional meal of Pork knuckle, sauerkraut and mashed potato which doesn’t sound to nice but again it was very tasty.

As for the business facts I am not going to bore you all about those!!

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