English is the language that most of us use when traveling. However, although it’s considered as one of the most widely used languages, it’s not really officially the universal language, or something that could be understood by most people in the world.

Not all countries speak the English language, and when visiting other countries, especially Europe, it wouldn’t hurt learning a few important phrases that will allow you to have basic and necessary conversations.

Here are some basic words, phrases, and expressions that you’ll need when traveling in Europe.

Basic Dutch Phrases

Dank u – Thank you

Tot ziens – Goodbye

Hoeveel kost dit?  – How much is this?

Mijn excuses, ik spreek geen Nederlands – I’m sorry, I don’t speak Dutch.

Spreekt hier iemand Engels? – Is there someone here who speaks English?

Basic French Phrases

Bonjour – Hello

Merci – Thank you

Pardon/Excusez moi? – Pardon me/Excuse me

Combien? – How much?

Où est? – Where is?

Comment vous vous appellez? – What is your name?

Basic German Phrases

Danke – Thanks

Yes / No – Ja / Nein

Hello/Good day – Guten Tag

Ich heisse – My name is…

Wie geht es Ihnen? – How are you?

Entshuldigung, ich spreche kein Deutsch – I’m sorry, I don’t speak German.

Basic Italian phrases

Buongiorno – Hello

Grazie – Thank you

Quantè  – how much?

Scusi/scusa – excuse me

Dov’è / Non so dove me trova. – Where is/ I am lost.

Piacere di conoscerla – Nice to meet you.

Basic Spanish Phrases

Con permiso – Excuse me

Lo siento – I’m sorry

Hable despacio por favor – Speak slowly, please.

¿Cuánto cuesta? – How much is that?

¿Me podría ayudar? – Could you help me?

Hablo español un poquito – I speak a little Spanish.

No comprendo – I do not understand

These might seem very basic, and you may have heard of these before, but these are most definitely the most important things you’ll be needing when talking to the locals. Sure, they might know how to speak a bit of English, but showing them that you put in extra effort to learn their language will definitely give you a much more interesting interaction with lots of new people. Try memorizing these, and you will most likely make the locals smile!

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