A few of my mates and I decided to go to Cardiff for the weekend. We all had Mondays off work and decided we were due a long weekend away.. We booked the Megabus from London Victoria to Cardiff City for less than a tenner return.. The reason we went to Cardiff, the Rugby was on and Wales were playing France at home and although we didn’t have tickets we knew the atmosphere would be fun and a tenner equals 2 pints here in London the other reason my mate wanted to track down some Welsh love spoons for her Nan for Christmas

We arrived in Cardiff by bus around midday and as usual it was raining in Wales no surprise there!! Our hotel was in the City centre so we didn’t have to far to walk once we arrived which was great because by this time it wasn’t just raining it was hammering it down. We dumped our stuff and headed out to go and have a look at the shops as the Rugby wasn’t starting until 17:00..

Cardiff is a great city with lots of things to do especially shopping. Cardiff is Europe’s youngest Capital city and is growing quickly.. What’s nice about Cardiff is everything is in one place even the Castle is right in the middle of the city. We made our way to Queens Arcade which is where the main body of shops are and I love all the little arcades that you can walk through before you get to the main strip.

We looked browsed the shops and although we have the same shops in London the clothes are slightly cheaper here we didn’t but much just a few little things here and there.. After shopping we headed to St Marys street which is where all the bars and clubs are we wanted to get there reasonably early as we knew everywhere would be busy .. We arrived at about 16:00 to the Walkabout a popular place for Rugby Fans and the place was heaving already, luckily we did manage to get in and find a spot where we could see the TV.. We didn’t actually care too much for the Rugby just wanted to be somewhere where there was a good atmosphere. The game was great and the as we imagined the Walkabout was full to the brim both with Welsh and French and the end result of the game a draw !!

After the Rugby we decided to go grab some food and then go back to the hotel to get changed and then head out for a night on the town.. We grabbed a cheap meal at the Prince of Wales which is a huge Weatherspoons and do two meals for 6 quid a bargain when your hungry and in need of something quick..

One eaten it was back to the hotel, shower, hair, make up and back out ..We went back to Weatherspoons to start out night as you can still get a double vodka and redbull for under 3 quid in there and thought that would be a good place to kick off the night.. We then headed along St Marys street stopping at O’ Neils , Lloydd’s No 1 bar and Edwards before heading to the nightclub Liquid which is a pretty cool place..

Sunday !!! After all of us waking up feeling pretty rough and only a few hours sleep we decided to take things easy today and not do to much as we still had Monday in which to do stuff.. First thing was get to find a cafe and get brekkie.. We all ate a huge fried breakfast disgusting yes but just what the doctor ordered… We felt a little better after food and headed to Cardiff Bay today and had a look around the Millennium Centre and The Welsh Assembly building and decided to go and see the Doctor Who exhibition as a lot of it was filmed in Cardiff. We were given a map of the filming locations for both Doctor Who and Torchwood, and there are numerous costumes, props, monsters and creatures including Daleks from the series. We took some pictures of us outside the entry to Torchwood as well as in front of the Tardis!

That was enough for one day and decided to go find somewhere for some dinner and then call it a day.. We headed to Las Iguanas for dinner which was awesome, expensive but the food is so yummy and not one of us could resist a mojito, however we only had one each !!!

Our final day before heading back was home was to such for the Love Spoons and a visit to Cardiff Castle. On our way to the Castle we found the national museum which is a beautiful building and because it was free we had a quick look. The museum was nice they had a section on the evolution of Wales which was cool. We reached the Castle and the tour was really cool, especially since the it is still being used,  especially the dinning hall for weddings and important visitors like the Queen, Prince or Prime Minister, they also had some amazing rooms with incredible decorations, gold coated and marble, wood carvings.  What was also good was that on the way into the Castle we noticed a Welsh Craft shop that sold all kind of cool things but they also had the Love Spoons, after a quick purchase we walked across road to the Cornish Bakehouse and ok 4 quid for a pasty is excessive but it was very tasty…The Megabus stop is just down from the Castle so after out pasties we headed to the bus stop to wait for the bus back to London and in typical Welsh style the heavens opened !!!

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