What is customer care? handling complaints? Trying to pick up the pieces after a mishap? helping a client who is unable to travel?

Yes, customer care is all this and more. Infact every company should welcome complaints to their customer care department in order to prevent complaints and monitor their services and make improvements along the way.

Effective complaint handling

We at DHR.com welcome complaints in order to prevent them. We aim to resolve and preventing similar complaints.

We make our complaints form easy accessible to our clients and it is easy for them to fill in. We aim to resolve every complaint issue within 20 working days though please bear in mind that often we have to go through a third party and wait for their response.

If you have a complaint that can be dealt with at the hotel, don’t be shy just ask for assistance from the reception. Generally hotels will go out of their way to resolve any complaints or problems for their guests on the spot. If the air conditioning at the hotel isn’t working for example- Don’t wait till you get home before you decide to file a complaint….Report the problem to the hotel because its more than likely that they are not aware of the problem and will be more than happy to fix it.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is always welcomed and this helps us at DHR to make changes and improvements. We always appreciate customers who let us have their feedback – We really do listen!

Customer Care manager

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