Everyone knows that one of our favorite things to do as tourists is taste the fine brews of the world while relaxing abroad.

Unfortunately, most places take advantage of this fact and don’t offer suitable prices for the delectable nectar, instead relying on our ignorance to foot the bill. Here I’ve outlined several different places in several different regions that produce wonderfully priced and wonderfully yummy pints, wines, coffees, and liqueurs. Instead of splurging on a glass of wine in the hills of Tuscany, take that money and put it into a transfer of hotel room from a Queen to a realizing suite. Enjoy yourself without worrying about the hassle of a budget and stick to these eccentric, culturally immersed pubs and café’s where there is no lack of fun for the price.
1) Dublin, Ireland: The Long Hall, called such because of its picturesque Victorian pining throughout the long hallway where patrons can drink and be merry. The atmosphere and ambience lends itself to the rainy, Moorish, romantic weather playing outside as you step into a play of polished wood, filigreed mirrors and excellent service. Your pint comes with not only a little slice of history, but a smile.
2) Naples, Italy: Enoteca Belledonne a friendly pub with working class clientele at the higher end of the spectrum wearing designer clothing, this spot is as laid back as can be and accepts people from all walks of life for a cold one. They also serve wine by the glass for a great price as well as delightful sangria.
3) Amsterdam, Netherlands: Café Chris serves as one of the oldest “brown cafes” in Amsterdam. Brown cafes are places to eat and drink where tobacco is so popular it has coated the walls brown. The name also comes from the dark wood furnishings and traditional cheaply priced comfort food. The tradition started in the sixteen hundreds as a place for men to get away from the hustle and bustle on the streets.
4) London, England: The Bricklayers Arms works within its deconstructionist hobo-chic vibe to create a unique and startling atmosphere of whirl wind simplicity. Don’t expect fancy or overly tailored brits in this pub where everything is eclectic and laid back including the selections. Food is classic and comforting and the bar itself offers a wide array without being too highbrow about it. Definitely a place to take your friends and chill out just taking in the sights and atmosphere of a true English pub.
5) Rome, Italy: Trinity College pub and bar is usually for the students but anyone else is welcomed with open arms. This bar offers specialty cocktails and classic brews with an entertaining twist on service. Go for the brews, stay for the entertainment and everyone is guaranteed a good time.

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