After living with my Irish housemate for over two years and celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the UK for the past two years he finally convinced me to go to Dublin and celebrate it ‘’ properly ‘’. I was pretty scared at the time and English girl and an Irish man going to Dublin for what is probably the biggest party of the year. A quick history lesson for those who don’t know St Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland Patrick’s died on March 17, AD 461 and that day has been commemorated as St. Patrick’s Day ever since. Although a originally a Catholic holy day, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into more of a holiday and is integrated as an Irish tradition where ever you are through out the world !! To many Irish it’s a day of fun and drinking …

So we headed from London to Dublin in a very short time and arrived a few days before the celebrations so that I could soak up some of the city before embarking on the celebrations on the 17th ..

My first stop was the Guinness Factory which was a lot of fun.  The tour was pretty good and the storehouse which was originally built in 1904 was very impressive. The inside of the building is modeled on a pint glass which was extremely cool.. What was great is that once the tour had finished we were given a token which actually contains a real drop of Guinness inside and also entitles you to a pint of Guinness at the Gravity Sky Bar. The first pint of the ‘Black Stuff” from the original Guinness factory was amazing. We sat around just drinking our pints in the sky bar above the factory which was great.

The second day we headed out of Dublin and visited what is known as Ireland’s Eye. The Island is located just off the coast and we got there by one of the many tourists boats Ireland’s Eye is a small uninhabited Island and the only signs any previous occupation are the ruins of Martello Tower and an 8th Century Church. There are loads of birds on this Island including Puffins which was one of the many that we got to see..

After that we headed back to the city where we just wandered around and due to the parade the following day there were many free events taking place. We headed down to the docklands where there was a free concert taking place which was pretty cool…

The next day was St Patrick’s Day itself… We were awake pretty early as we wanted to get a good spot for the famous parade. After getting all ‘’ greened ‘’ up with our hats, costumes, tattoos etc we were ready to go.  The parade was great it was really colorful and the music was entertaining, everyone dresses up so there are little green people everywhere.  There were lots of street performances taking place which were great to watch.

The St Patrick’s Day parade was great but the festivities started once the parade finishes.. After the parade we headed over to the Temple Bar, which is in a great area with the old cobble stoned pavements and although right in the centre of Dublin it is an area with lots of traditional and quaint pubs.

The Temple bar was packed and the place was electric not just the young but the old were all in the same place drinking pint after pint of Guinness, telling stories of the old days and as the day turned into night they started singing the old folk songs and then the Irish jigs started..

We stayed in the Temple Bar for the remainder of the night which was great fun.. It was fab being in the country where the legend of St Patrick comes from and the Irish certainly know how to enjoy themselves I have never seen so much Guiness…

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