When the rain gets you bored and a little blue, here are the places to go to ease any mood.
Martin Wishart: Serving up a Scotland delicacy at it’s finest, this four star restaurant is known for its pig cheek.  It’s a modern French restaurant with a flair for the dramatic with a short menu because of its seasonal and fresh ingredients. Don’t come here expecting a walk-in reservation, they can be booked for months with the best restaurant in Scotland title.
Café Royal Circle Bar: A Victorian-Era Pub known throughout the land as the best served brews right next to the infamous Oyster Bar which provides food after hours. Go shopping at the intricate and beautiful stores around the bar and then stop in for a pint and some seafood with some friends. The scene is decadent without being overly flamboyant and the prices are a throwback to older times in history. Just make sure you go there expecting not all the patrons to reflect the décor, many of the locals are 20 something’s and casually dressed rather than awash in Gucci.
Baked Potato Shop: This is an easy going shop that offers stellar cheap food and generous portions. Its basic concept echoes its name, all you can eat baked potatoes stuffed with whatever topping you wish and their topping menu is endless. The shop also offers sausage, chili, and a variety of leafy green salads. It’s open before11am but come around that time for piping hot backed potatoes fresh from the oven.
Opal Lounge: This is a once loved hang-out of Prince William and now caters to the best and brightest who frequent night clubs. The décor is no surprise chic with a modern twist and its open past 3am. Make sure to order all the over pried fruity, sugar coated drinks on the menu before hitting on anything.
Dynamic Earth: This neat treat is fun for the whole family offering a wealth of education and interactive playtime. You can learn about geology, astronomy, and biology while pushing buttons to make meteor showers, simulating earthquakes and travel different terrains. Take a trip to the aquariums which are a must see in the midst of all the fun and games to see the mega huge sharks, happy dolphins and some of the most colorful coral on the planet. It’s certainly an experience no member of your party will ever forget with all the down to earth interactive whirly-gigs.

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