When someone assures you of an “ultimate island getaway,” you must know that it is not always paradise; that when you arrive, you’ll most probably be welcomed by so many tourists and noisy creatures, both humans and other living things. Two keywords are important here: “island” and “getaway,” which implies a relaxing, calm, and rewarding vacation. Sadly, the words do not always match the place being promoted.

However, though many beaches and island promotions have used the line loosely, there are also some places that do not lie.

Fakarava is the second largest of all the Tuamotu atolls. Some important details about this place that you need to know is that its main village is called Rotoava, and it has about 700 inhabitants. Fakarava is being classified by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, which the organization describes as “areas of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems promoting solutions to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use.”

This place has some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna such as cicadas, hunting kingfisher, and squills (all of which reported to require lots of protection). Fakarava is also home to one of the first Catholic churches built out of coral, and you can still see some parts of it today.

With this kind of environment, it could be very difficult to move, because you’d want to appreciate the scenery by…well, not doing anything. While it’s possible to sit all day sipping your favorite drink under the sun, it could get pretty tiring after a while. So, aside from the magnificent views and extraordinary flora and fauna, the Fakarava island also offers activities that will bring out the adventurer in you.

The island activities in the Fakarava atoll here include:

Scuba diving – which will give you a world-class service and adventures such as reef and deep sea dives. There are many diving centers that could arrange your whole trip for you, so you need not worry about anything. Some of the spots offered are over at Garuae Pass, Ohutu et Mairuru, Tetamanu Pass, and the Baptito Lagoon.

Some of the amazing sea creatures you’ll see are barracudas, hammerhead sharks, loachs, and many more.

Fishing – which you could get from the local vendors. Not only will you learn new tricks from them–you could also ask the hotel to cook your own catch for you.

Good food – you will not have too many restaurants to choose from in this island, but the restaurants around will assure you of the freshest food. The hotels, for instance, serve seafood fresh from the day’s catch.

Pearl Farms – you can also do some pearl farm visits. Several companies offer different kinds of trips.

Picnics - this is not your average picnic that happens in the park. At Koka Koka Motu, you can go snorkeling, visit a magnificent lagoon, go fishing, and be enveloped by coconut trees.

The Fakarava island is a place that assures you with a rewarding island getaway. This is neither an exaggeration nor a marketing trick—it really does make its visitors have an amazing holiday in a nice, quiet place. If an “ultimate island getaway” is what you need, this place will definitely deliver.

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