Between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean (Northwest of Scotland, halfway between Iceland and Norway) lies Faroe Islands, a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark which has a culture and language of its own.

From any point of the 18 islands are said to be not more than five kilometers to the ocean so you’re assured of a serene and calming environment wherever you are when you’re here. Here are some of the things in store when visiting the Faroe Islands.


Visiting the islands

If you’re the type who wants lots of new people and you wish to explore the islands during the peak season, go here somewhere between July and August. If you, however, prefer to have more privacy and explore the islands with fewer people, May to mid-June will be the best time to visit.

Activities in Faroe Islands

Here, you can do outdoor activities such as hikes, boat trips, horse trekking, or simply sightseeing. Though remote and unlike the busy city atmosphere, the islands also does not fall short in providing you with a great nightlife. Head over to Tórshavn (the capital) to see for an array of bars and restaurants that will make you unwind and get drunk!

Must-see attractions and landmarks


This is one of the smallest capital cities in the world, and what’s more amazing is that it was discovered by Vikings! When you’re here, do not miss The Historical Museum, the Faronese Parliament, and Tiganes, the old part of town which is simply wonderful.



Also known was the “rocking stones,” this natural wonder in Oyndarfjørður, these are to huge boulders which have apparently stood rocing in the ocean.


The highest mountain in the Faroe Islands. This is a must-see (or a must-do, since you can climb it) for all visitors. The views are breathtaking!


Risin og Kellingin

This is another interesting phenomenon that has a great story behind it. Translated as “Giant and his Wife,” or “The Giant and the Witch” these two basalt sea stacks on the island of Eysturoy.


Faroese Music

If your vacation happens to coincide with St. Olav’s Day at the end of July, you will be able to witness a special musical art form that is uniquely Faroese. If you don’t chance upon this event, you can still experience Faroe islands music by watching musical performances at the Nordic House which has performers of different genres that are uniquely Faroese.



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