Spain knows how to party, we all know this for a fact. It will be quite difficult to jot down all the festivals celebrated in all corners of this country every single year. There are definitely too many of them to mention, but one thing we know for sure is that all festivals require huge celebrations that are flocked by millions each year.

It’s perhaps safe to say that if Spain refers to an event as “one of the biggest festivals” in the country, expect something big, something that cannot be compared to any kind of festival in the world. Festa Major, a celebration in the city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain, is a massive festival of art, music, and culture in the many different cities all over the country.

One of the best places to celebrate the Festa Major 2011 is at Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain. Beginning at noon in August 29, this celebration will stretch on for about 3 days, meaning there will be so many activities and surprises in store.

Nearly all districts in Barcelona have their own ways of celebrating Festa Major, but they all have one thing in common: the idea of gathering and having fun of the whole community as one. The activities include the Passacaglia, which is a display of different folkloric groups that will showcase music, dance, and wonderful clothes that will sure to delight all visitors. One of the most famous trademarks of the Festa Major is the towers of men, or the moixigangas, which is a series of dances celebrating the human towers. There is simply nothing like this, and if you wish to see a tradition that has been passed on for so many generations, watching this will be so breathtaking.

Festivals usually give a picture of rowdy crowds and an environment that’s not fit for children. This festival, however, is an exception. Sure, you must still need to prepare for whatever unfortunate events that could happen, but throughout the years, many visitors have taken their whole families with them, and everybody gets to have the best time. Everyone will be able to participate, watch, and join the festivities, and they will also get the chance to learn a lot about Spain’s vibrant culture and traditions.

Over and above everything, this is a celebration in honor of St. Felix, the patron saint of the town. This is the people’s way of showing their faith, and guests are more than encouraged to participate. Usually, the St. Felix’s processions differ each year in itinerary, so visitors should know that it will be only announced in the official program.

On the 29th, starting at noon, there will be a parade of folk groups that will tell everyone that the party has begun. There will be lots of dancing, colorful clothes and decorations all over the place, and visitors will see them all unfold in all corners of the town. In the afternoon, there will be concerts, a procession, and still a lot of dancing, and in the evening, an amazing fireworks display will light up the skies.

On the 30th, the energy will surely not fade, as there will still be so many celebratory events in store. There will be masquerades, band performances, an exhibition of beautiful castle towers and pillars. If you think that the dancing will end at this day, think again!

The 31st is perhaps the day that is the most laid-back, but will still bear the same importance as the other two. There will be a mass, some exhibitions, and a procession. There will still be concerts held and fireworks displayed, so don’t go home just yet.

The town of Vilafranca del Penedes is a great way to see a simple Spanish town. One of the most important landmarks here is the church of Santa Maria, which is located at the town centre. Just around this is where you’ll find the Museum of Wine (the town is the centre of the local wine industry). This place is already beautiful enough as it is, so imagine how it would look like to see how they transform it into a huge stage of art, culture, tradition, and faith. While exploring the town, share this momentous event with the friendly locals and let them show you how to throw a party like no other.

St. Felix is the patron saint of joy and happiness—this alone will let you know that this party will give you nothing but smiles and good vibrations! Here, you’re definitely assured to have the best time!


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