Our best friends are members of their families. Some of them are our enemies in some cases. We buy or sell some kind of them. We watch them for hours. We are afraid of them. We like them. We eat them also. Animals! Yes, you predicted right, I am talking about animals. Our dogs, we feed at home. Our cat, we sleep together. Chickens that we eat. Snakes that we are afraid of. Horses ,we make races and make money over them. Animals are everywhere. They are part of our lives.

Animals have been with us from our existence up to now. By the time; we have lost some species. Today we are losing some other species, too. The extinction of some species could not be stopped despite all precautions. Natural parks are all over the world. The aim of these parks is providing a safe place for species endangered. People, who want to see these animals, which could not be seen some decades later, travel to different countries and visit wild life parks.

Here, I want to give some examples of these natural parks. Below you will find the location of the park, the name of the place and which endangered species you could see there.

1. Where: Toronto

Name: Toronto Zoo \The Toronto Zoo is open every day of the year except twenty-fifth of December. It is operating from 09:30 to 04:30. Total population of the zoo is more than five thousands and it has a high number of species which is around 500. ATM machines could be found for the ones who forgot to take enough credits with themselves. The zoo also shows respect to handicapped, old and patient people, who have difficulties during walking, by offering wheelchairs free. Wagons and lockers could be hired before entering to the zoo. (http://www.torontozoo.com/).

Endangered species: West African dwarf crocodile, Western lowland gorilla, Black-footed ferret, Laggar falcon, Vancouver Island marmot.

2. Where: Newquay, Cornwall

Name: Newquay Zoo\ Newquay Zoo has been operating over forty years. The zoo now is one of the best zoo in the country. Creative programmes had helped the zoo becoming a famous one in the country. It won lots of awards up to now. In 2008 SILVER Visitor Attraction was given to the zoo and increased the reputation of it. ( http://www.newquayzoo.org.uk/).

Endangered species: Bali Starling, Diana Monkey, Fishing Cat, Fossa, Pied Tamarin, Red Panda, Red-Fronted Macaw, Rodrigues Fruit Bat, Sand Lizard, Silvery Marmoset, Sulawesi Crested Macaque, Visayan Warty Pig, Yellow Brested Capuchin Monkey.

3. Where: Tucson,Arizona

Name: Tucson Zoo\ There are 130 species in Tucson Zoo. It has a big garden which is rich in terms of flora. The garden has some things to tell both to adults and children. The management of the zoo gives high importance to the education. In the perspective of the management, it is not important whether you are interested in habitat or animals. The important point is, you are there to learn. So that, they have three classrooms of which one is located outside. (http://www.tucsonzoo.org/).

Endangered species: Baird’s tapir, Chilean Flamingo, Dwarf Caiman, Grevy’s Zebra, Lar Gibbon, Lion-Tail Macaque, Malayan Sun Bear, Malayan Tiger, Mandrill, Visayan Warty Pig.

Illegal hunting and the change in nature cause the extinction of endangered species. With new rules and legislations the hunting could be decreased. The change in climate may seem as out of our control but; we have some things to do. For the change in nature we can get some educations about environment and  have awareness about using resources carefully. We should be more careful about environmental pollution and we should act against it. Because; the pollution causes the extinction of habitat which causes o food shortage for animals. It is obvious that ; despite all of our efforts we would not have a chance to save them all. So I hope you visit them and say a ‘goodbye’ before they disappeared forever.

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