Music lovers come on and head down to Japan’s very own outdoor rock festival. Fuji Rock Festival, held annually in the month of July in Neaba, Japan.
This would be the “Event of the Year” for music enthusiast especially in Asia.

Featuring international act and Japan’s mainstream and non-mainstream group, festival goers will find that the 3-day event truly memorable.

Naeba itself being a ski resort in the winter gives the perfect excuse to go on a trip to Japan. Plenty of things to do during the festival even if one is not really into rock music. The surrounding itself is breathtaking with beautiful forest and hills and streams. Visitors can also take the aerial lift to the top of a mountain overlooking the festival site.

For backpackers, this would truly be the ultimate experience when it comes to accommodation. As hotel rooms around the resort sells like hot cakes during the festival, backpackers can opt to camp at a nearby camping site. Food is not an issue during the duration of the festival as there are plenty of foods stalls and in terms of hygiene, there are toilet and washrooms available around the camping site.

This festival is by far ‘The Most Cleanest’ music festival. Hardly one can notice littered cans of beer (everyone is handed a litter bag on the way into the arena) or reeking smell of urines.
If festival goers insist on staying at a hotel, one can do so with hotels at nearby resort. As far as transportation is concern (for those who are not staying at Neaba resort) free shuttle bus services are available.

Travel Tips for Fuji Rock Festival:

Bring your essentials only.
Purchase camping ticket in advance and come early to choose your camping site or else end up camping on a hill slope.
Be sure to have enough Yen as there are no money changers (hotels only cater currency exchange for their own guest)

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