I have just returned from an amazing weekend in Switzerland! I spent the weekend in Geneva which is one of the most beautiful and clean cities that I have ever visited.
Even the train ride was awesome and we rode right through the Jura Mountains. Geneva is situated right on the border of Switzerland and France, and it lies on the banks of Lake Leman. The Lake is huge and very clear and clean! The harbor is also beautiful and the huge Jet d’Eau (water jet ) squirts over a hundred meters into the air certainly catches your eye.

We arrived on Friday just around lunchtime and checked into our hotel. Our hotel was very nice and included a great breakfast, but it was a very expensive but Switzerland is extremely expensive and this is notable throughout the city of Geneva. Here you will see plenty of beautiful cars, no cheap rust buckets lots of Rolls Royce’s, Mercedes and flashy sports cars. Even the inner city parks are beautiful and landscaped with not a sign of graffiti or rubbish. We took a stroll through Jardin Anglaise to visit the Flower Clock and the famous 4 Seasons Fountain and it felt like we were walking through the grounds of the Palace of Versaille.

After we checked in I was pretty hungry and I was dying to eat Fondue.. I have only ever had it with chocolate and strawberries I wanted to eat it as soon as possible and couldn’t wait until dinner. So we walked around and found a great little place called Le Bourse which served loads of yummy food including a fish pot which I would later go back and eat.. The fondue was great a big pot of cheese with lots of bread to dip into it.. It was very delicious and we also learnt about the etiquette of fondue eating and that you are not allowed to dip your piece of bread in twice and if you lose your bread into the pot then men have to buy a bottle of wine and women have to kiss the man sat to the left of them.. The number one rule for the women is make sure you’re sat to someone who is gorgeous and keep dropping your bread!!! We spent a good few hours in the restaurant and were tired and full by the time we left so we didn’t get any sight seeing done just went back to the hotel and slept..

The following morning woke up early and made the long trek to the more modern part of the city so that we could visit the United Nations and the International Red Cross Headquarters. The UN was extremely interesting, especially since it is housed in the Palais des Nations which is the same building where the UN’s forerunner the League of Nations met after World War I. We got the chance to sit in one of the original chambers which was decorated with huge murals that represent the ideals of the League of Nations, mainly the end of war and international pledge for peace.

The Red Cross Museum was really boring (well for me it was) however I did learn a lot about what the Red Cross does in today’s society, and I finally understand why the Red Cross is sometimes symbolized by a red crescent and apparently it is because people in Muslim countries didn’t like the red cross symbol, so when the Red Cross is working in Muslim countries they work under a red crescent
After walking around the museums, which weren’t very exciting we took a walk to the lake-front and had some lunch at one of the lake side cafes which was really cheap and the service was great. We then had a stroll around and the old part of Geneva has some great shops with some expensive prices to match but everything seemed to close really early..

The following morning we took a boat tour of the lake.. The mountains that make up the skyline are out of this world and it really is postcard perfect. Luckily it was a really clear day and we were able to see Mt. Blanc off in the distance! After the lake tour we had a look around a few of the chocolate shops and there are plenty. I ending up spending a small fortune on Swiss chocolate but it doesn’t compare to any other chocolate even including my own favorite Leonidas lets just hope I can keep some of it until I get home..

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