For those looking to escape the winter blues and the over indulgences of Christmas right in the middle of a credit crunch then many of you would have thought about where to go and where you will get the best value for money… Here are just a few places where you can get a good deal for your GBP’s

Thailand is currently one of the best places to go for those traveling from the UK.. Flights may still seem expensive but once there accommodation and food remains very cheap. For a romantic break head to Krabi which is close to Phuket and has some of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand and some fantastic scenery. From Krabi you can easily head to the Islands of Koh Phi Phi where the famous film the Beach was filmed. Here you can discover true paradise at a great price.
If you are looking to party head to the Island of Koh Samui here you can find night clubs that go on until the early hours of the morning.

South Africa also is good value however the flights are expensive but once there you save plenty of money a price of a beer is around 1.00gbp. Visit Cape Town and the beautiful Table Top Mountain and soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches.

So if you don’t fancy heading as far as Thailand then Turkey and Bulgaria are both good value for money..

Although pretty cold at this time of year Bulgaria still remains a top destination in winter due to the snow and the fact that it remains very cheap.. A cost of a beer is around 90p whilst food and accommodation remains low. Bulgaria is a beautiful country visit the capital Sofia where you can see some amazing churches although beware there are no signs in English so don’t get lost.
Turkey is an all year round destination. Accommodation and food remain pretty cheap in Turkey and there is so much to do in a country with as much going on as Turkey. Head to Istanbul the largest city in Turkey rich with history and diversity. Here you can wander through the ancient mosques or the streets of the cosmopolitan Taksim. Take an overnight bus to the Cappadocia region also known as fairy land here you can get the opportunity to stay in a cave hotel and explore this wonderful region.

Although the pound is at an all time low against the Euro for those looking to stay a little closer to home and still enjoy some warm weather at this time of year then Portugal is pretty reasonable with a price of a cup of coffee being around 0.96p whilst a Beer is very good at around 1.0bp..

Head to the city of Lisbon which is a great place to do some sightseeing. The city of Lisbon is set on some seven hills and from visiting the museums one can learn some of the history regarding the city. There are numerous museums the Roman Theatre Archaeological Museum allows visitors to view artifacts and to tour the site of the theatre that was discovered in 1798.

Lisbon is also close to several beaches close by for a nice romantic stroll in the winter or to soak up the summer sun. Many of the beaches can be reached by bus or by train. The beach at Guincho is only a short ride by bus or by train from Lisbon and has some great scenery although it can get a little windy during the winter months.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Lisbon many of which stay open through out the year. In Portugal they tend to eat the main meal at lunch time and then have a light dinner. Do eat the local seafood at one of the many restaurants located at the harbour

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