It was last month when I visited Dubai and I’d like to share my experience with you. I had never had so much fun before. Dubai was like a different planet apart from the rest of the United Arab Emirates. That city really knows how to amuse tourists.

My curiosity about Dubai began when I read some news about a skyscraper that would be completed in 2010. The skyscraper would be the first building to be in motion! Imagine your sweet home changing its place! Thus you could get various views of the city! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw its pictures. It is still a project, but I am sure we will all be stunned to see it just in two years. Technology has developed so much that I think one day our houses will drive us to work  what a comfort it would be! But this time we would have house-traffic. Well, let’s go back to my journey to Dubai.

I was very excited when my plane landed at Dubai International Airport. It took me 15 minutes to reach my hotel called Palm Beach Rotana Inn Hotel. It was quite a nice hotel with many facilities. Well, maybe it wasn’t as huge and modern as the Burj Al Arab which has 7 stars, but it was still very modern and comfortable. By the way, I saw Burj Al Arab; it was marvelous and really resembled to a “giant sail”.

Next day, I went to Jumeirah to see the great Jumeirah Mosque. I was taking a photo of the mosque when I heard the sonorous voice coming from the mosque. I felt very excited, because I hadn’t heard any call to pray before. It seemed as if the impressive voice came from the sky. After the call to prayer, I saw some Muslims going to the mosque. I also took some photos of them, because it was interesting to see people all leaving what they were doing and going to perform prayer. I learned that non-Muslims are also allowed to enter the mosque. Although I needed to cover my shoulders and hair with the help of a scarf, it was no problem for me. I took off my shoes while entering a Buddhist temple, so I could cover my head while entering a mosque. It is considered as signs of respect by them.

As I liked shopping, a friend of mine advised me to go to the street market called the Gold Souk. Diamonds and gold in the shop were as if winking at me! Ifelt dizzy when I tried to look at every one of them. They were so bright! At the very first moment that I saw them, I immediately wanted to marry with the shop owner. Well, when I glanced at him, I again immediately gave up! Obviously NOT my type! Anyway, after I bought a golden necklace, I went on sightseeing. My next place to visit was the Dubai Museum on Al-Fahidi Street. It was very beneficial to visit the museum for I grasped the history of the city there. I was shocked to learn that this gorgeous city was once a small deserted town! What they call metamorphosis must be that!

I wanted to see Dubai Creek next, so I took a creek cruise which was the most wonderful cruise that I have attended. The Creek was very calm and peaceful. It was also kind of romantic to watch around in the pale light of the moon. Well, it would be more romantic if my boyfriend was with me. Maybe I should reconsider the guy in the Gold Souk LOL. I also tasted the sweetest fruit of my life: Dates. They were so delicious and as I learned from the date seller, they were very nutritive, too. I liked the different exotic dishes in Dubai. I couldn’t find any alcoholic beverage in some places, but it was ok for me.
I already wanted a sober holiday about which I would remember every detail. These were just some of the things I could do in Dubai; actually it takes a long time to enjoy all attractions of the city. So it is still a place to be discovered for me.

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