I couldn’t believe it when the guy on the other side of the telphone said that I won a holiday in Madagaskar for a week! It was one of those chance games and I didn’t think that I would win, but I did! I began the necessary preparations for the holiday immediately. I knew nothing about Madagaskar except that it was an Island in the southern part of the world. I made a little research about it and found out that it was the fourth largest island in the world; mainly French, Malagasy language and some English were spoken there; and local people were mainly Christian, although a small fraction was Islam and the others followed the traditional religion. That research was enough at that time. I thought about who could come with me. Andy came to my mind and I called him at once. He was also very excited. Thus we made our holiday plan and the necessary preparations plus reservations.

The hotel that we would stay was in Anjajavy. After a long long air travel of about 20 hours from New York, we finally arrived at Anjajavy. At the moment we stepped out of the plane, we understood that it would be worth it. We decided to go to our hotel and have a rest first. We rented a car, and so we didn’t have any difficulty in getting to our hotel, L’Hotel Anjajavy, which was on Anjajavy road. We liked our hotel very much; it was luxurious and comfortable.

The next day, we made a list of places where we wished to go. I must admit that the list was too long for a week, but there was so much that we wanted to see! So, we gave priority to those that we liked most. First, we went to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, which was a great wildlife exploration. We saw some different animals that we hadn’t seen before. Lemurs and geckos were just two of them. Even more various animals were waiting for us in the Tsimbazaza Zoo! It was awesome to be there. I felt myself a child again, running from one animal to another. After exploring wildlife that much, we decided to see some historical buildings. We went to the Queens Palace that was burned out. It was very interesting to see and Andy tool lots of photos in front of the building. I think he was very curious about the fire.

Now it was time to do some shopping! With my special request of course, we went to the Analakely market. It was very colourful and there were so many things to buy. Poor Andy got bored, as he didn’t like markets, but  thank God he let me do my shopping  
It was a great experience to be in Madagaskar. If I have the chance, I will certainly go there again. This time
I will induce Andy to make some shopping, too

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