Group Booking

Planning a trip for 10 or more people?

If you find yourself in the position of being nominated as a group organiser then don’t be daunted by the prospect of bringing everything together for your group.

The trick for successful group planning is to organise as much as you can in advance.

The first step is to get some feedback on which city the group want to travel to. How long the trip will be for. Dates of travel and probably most importantly set yourselves a budget per person per night for the hotel accommodation.

For particularly large groups or student groups then hotels in the city suburbs often work out the best value but bear in mind that if you don’t have your own coach and driver then will public transport be feasible for the entire group?

It’s also worth remembering that not all hotels accept teenage student groups or single sex groups, typically stag and hen groups so if you contact hotels directly you may get some rejections along the way.
One of the ways to avoid the time consuming acts of contacting hotels individually is to use the services of a travel agency such as who will take the hard work out of searching for a suitable hotel for you.

If you contact us for your group request then the hardest and most time consuming thing you will need to do it to fill out our group request form. There is no obligation to book and you will receive a swift quote with group rates which will be even better value for you

Plus, as the group leader you get a great bonus of a hotel voucher that can be used through our website as you wish. Terms and conditions apply.

Once you have a hotel confirmed then you will need to pay just 25% of the booking. The balance is not due until 45 days before the check in date if you book through us.

As the group organiser it will be your responsibility to collect the payment from your group members and to inform them of the cancellation and amendment policy.
Once the balance has been paid you will receive your pre paid accommodation voucher. Transfers and tours can also be arranged and if you have any special requests please ask the person looking after your group so they can assist or advice you.

A word of warning, once you have successfully completed your first group organization then you will find yourself being nominated for the group leader the next year!

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