If you are a tourist in Malaysia, this is a word to learn. It is pronounced as ma-mak-ing. Mamak-ing  is an activity much loved by Malaysians, very similar to how Britons and Australians love going to pubs. Mamak refers to the Indian Muslims (usually from Pakistan and India) migrants who settled or work in Malaysia. They are some  of the most hardworking and enterprising group of people. They cook delicious foods and own most of the Muslim foods restaurants in Malaysia. Mamak stalls and Hindu stalls are alike except the Mamaks, who are Muslims, do not sell pork, whereas the Hindus do not sell beef. One of the most popular foods which I will choose when I drop by the Mamak stalls is Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak the most common food we found in these stalls.  Roti Canai is bread made from flour and Margarines. Roti  Canai comes in many mixed flavor, it can be Roti Canai(only bread), Roti telur (bread with eggs), Roti Sardin (bread with sardines), Roti Boom; (bread with sugar) and many more. With these breads, you can eat with thick curry fish, curry  (vegetable with lentils )

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