Different parts of the world have millions of music festivals every year—even the smallest cities and the most unknown towns around the globe each have their own way of celebrating music that’s important to them—music that defines them as a people, music that serves as cultural bonding, and music that simply makes people have fun.

Cambridge is known for its festivals. Some of the most famous ones are the Midsummer Fair, Strawberry Fair, Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, and Edinburgh Film Festival. This only means that this town pays a lot of attention and exerts a lot of effort in promoting the arts created by students, residents, and even visitors. Every year, arts and culture festivals are celebrated.

The Heart of the World Festival will once again create fun memories among attendees this year. This celebration features a diverse set of musicians and performers that will make anyone have the most fantastic time. Happening on June 10 to 23, this world music and culture festival will take place in the historical city, and will have students from Cambridge institutions and artists from different parts of the globe.

This two-week festival started in 2005, aiming to promote the craft of the most talented students who deserve to have their stuff out there. This year, many different events are in store: live music, performances by the most talented artists, exhibitions, workshops, theatre performances, and film screenings. This year’s celebration will be focusing on the amazing cultures of African, East Eurpoean, and Middle Eastern artists. Because the festival aims to promote cultural diversity of culture in different parts of the globe, there will be nothing but great music made by some of the best world musicians. It’s likely that you will find new music here, because these are not your typical music store variety.

While in Cambridge visitors will have other things to do aside from watching the great performers at the festival. It’s known as a university town, so it’s here where you’ll find some of the greatest institutions in England. Visit the prestigious Cambridge University or marvel at the architecture of the Great St. Mary’s Church. You can also try walking along King’s Parade, which offers historical buildings such as the Senate House and the King’s College Gatehouse. If it’s shopping you’re looking for, you’ll be glad to know that this place is a shopping haven. Visit the Grand Arcade for both small and big brands, and the Cambridge Market for great arts and crafts sold every Sunday.

This may not be as big as the other most prestigious festivals in the world, but it surely does not fall short in promoting new talents. This is a humble festival that can only get bigger each year, and if you’re a music or arts lover who wishes to discover new sounds, this is definitely an event to attend. Here, you won’t be needing your headphones—it’s time for you to experience new sound, and the best in world music, arts, theatre, and culture.

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