Why do you live? What are you living for? The ones who are alive and want to be alive at least one more day or one more hour and even one more second have a hope and live for it. I am sure that they have, whether they accept or not.What makes me sure about it is,the meaningless of a life without one hope.Because we all live for something, we all live with dreaming something.The ones that we call hopeless in fact are not so hopeless as we think.Because; as I told before a life without a meaning can not be continued. So to say hope is the reason for life and the lack of it for die.

In special days like; fests,religious days and birthdays we hope more than our routine days.Christmas is one of the date in which the number of hopes boom.To imagine all the hopes in Christmas of course is not possible but finding some of them is easier than walking to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.Let look at some of them closer.

Santa Claus as a symbol of Christmas is the carrier of hope.He carries hundreds of hopes for children.Each toy and each prize will realize one of the dreams.As you can think at this moment in our childhood we could be happy with small things.Some of you are young,some adult and some old now but none of us can not be happy as a child could be with a such small item.Maybe we should accept that we have something to learn from children!

A young girl in love hopes to have a good time with her darling in Christmas. Nothing in the world makes her happier than the time spent with the boyfriend. The boyfriend is also excited as much as she is when he carries the package of surprises with the hope that she will like it.Maybe it will the be the first gift for some one. On the other hand probably some still did not tell about his/her love and waits for Christmas to tell it.

The father, who has two married daughters and one single son who has been abroad for the last three years for his education, hopes to have a good meal in a table with being surrounded by all family members.He calls his daughters and his son for Christmas, just aiming be together.

Shop keepers clean their windows and doors and decorate them to attract people.They hope to increase their sales during Christmas and make more money to spend for their family or maybe for a holiday.Some of them may are under the effect of economic crisis  and hope Christmas will change it and the fortune smiles them again.

You can search on the net or in the books about the origin of Christmas and its relation with religion and the change in the duration of sunlight in north pole.Whatever you look for or for whichever reason you are going to criticize it, is not as much important as the hopes that are hidden in these days. I hope all the hopes come to real except the ones that are going to harm others.

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