Hate Exercise – Why Ever consider a Hiking Tour in Thailand???

My partner and I had been in Thailand for about 9 months when he suggested going up to the North of the country to Chaing Mai to join a hiking tour. We flew to Thailand in the January and we were supposed to be touring the country, however this didn’t exactly happen after discovering the beaches of Koh Samui and Ko Phangan the most exercise we had done in 8 months has been trying to get in and out of the hammock each day!!!

However I reluctantly agreed to do this as it was now entering rainy season down in the south so there wasn’t much sun bathing to be done so we packed up the stuff from our little beach hut and headed back to Bangkok to book a tour. We arrived in Bangkok and decided to rest a few days before heading to Chaing Mai we managed to book a tour with a lot of battering for around $20 per person for 2 nights 3 days including all our meals what was I letting myself in for !!!

We caught the overnight bus to Chaing Mai arriving pretty exhausted but ready to meet the group which consisted mainly of Italians we had a quick briefing and off we headed… The trail winds through the dense jungle which the rain had made very slippery and the amount of bugs was insane I was covered in bites within minutes. The trail rises up and down, up and down and is completely exhausting. After about 8 hours of trekking we finally stopped and set up camp… After a hard day’s trek it was great to unwind and the meal of Som Tam, Tom Yam and various other delights the aches and pains of the day slowly drifted away.

The next 2 days followed in a blur not just from the exhaustion but from the breath taking scenery and then the 15 hour trek and then being told we were doing 10 miles of bamboo rafting which was a perfect way to glide down the river feeling like your floating on air..

The tour finished up and we headed back to the hostel not without having a Thai massage to help rejuvenate us and purchasing some plasters to seal up the many blisters that had evolved over my feet…

So the question is would I do it again… Indeed I would despite the pain the whole tour was fantastic the guides were brilliant and it was a great way to see a different side of Thailand the only thing is I would have done it at the start of my travels not after lazing around for so long…

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