I love Vienna, I have just spent a short weekend here and it is definitely up there with Paris and London as one of my favorites. Vienna is covered with beautiful parks beautiful gorgeous palaces, and some fantastic museums and art collections

The atmosphere was unlike anywhere that I have been to and the Viennese certainly know how to enjoy themselves. The cafe scene here is extremely popular and you would think that by the amount of Cafes that area everywhere that they would be empty but they all seem to be full from day right through until the evening

I had always wanted to see the Viennese architecture, and to see it personally and up close was astounding. It looks far better in real life than in any of the books.  The 17th and 18th century buildings are beautifully built and they are absolutely massive!  They take up whole streets I have never seen anything like it before not even in Paris.

I spent the whole first day just walking around soaking up the atmosphere of the City. I stopped in one of the many cafes for a spot of people watching. I am amazed at the amount of Cafes and also the amount of pastry shops and bakeries that are in the City. I decided to treat myself and go to Hotel Sacher which is a five star hotel and home to the famous ‘Sacher Torte’ which is a famous chocolate cake and it was, incredibly expensive for a bit of cake and a coffee actually it was more than what a paid for one night at my hotel but what the hell, not everyone can say that they have eaten the famous Sacher Torte, it was as tasty as it was expensive…

The next day I headed to the Schonbrunn Palace.  The palace is a massive building with 1,441 rooms all luxuriously decorated with enough portraits to fill an art gallery or two.  The Palace was built between 1696 and 1730. The palace was pretty much decorated by
Empress Maria Theresa and the palace is still virtually as she left it and is stunning

I wondered around the 500 acre gardens.  The gardens consist of landscaped paths that lead to various other sights.  I went up to the Gloriette, a monument for soldiers that has some great views of the Palace and Vienna in the background.  Located in the gardens are the Wagenburg, a museum with 36 imperial carriages and also a zoo which was founded in 1752 and considered one of the worlds oldest.

After a nice stroll through the grounds we headed back to my hotel as I wanted to get ready for the concert that I was going to in the evening..  I had an evening planned at the Auersperg Palace; one of the many beautiful buildings in Vienna and sometime ago was where a 6-year old Mozart did a performance for the Empress.  It is now used to hold classical concerts.  The performance I saw was the Mozart Ensemble and was being held in the same hall that Mozart performed in. The performance was world class and was fantastic they played a mixture of music by Mozart and Strauss. After the show I went to a cafe and had apple strudel, and a really awesome white hot chocolate then took a slow walk back to my hotel before my flight the next day…

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