Over a year has passed since Eyjafjallajökull’s last eruption in 2010 yet plumes of ash are still clearly visible, a sight to behold, beautiful yet also formidable.

For six days, the European airspace was in turmoil and millions of tourists were stranded as 100,000 flights to Europe were cancelled. But with the turmoil it caused European tourism, the E14’s (Eyjafjallajökull’s numeronym) eruption kick started a new tourism market in Europe’s youngest country.

Although tourism has considerably dropped after E14’s eruption, tourists should definitely list Iceland as a must see in their European travel itinerary. For one, USA Today listed Iceland as a top travel destination for 2012, and Lonely Planet also listed Iceland as one of the “Top Ten Regions to Travel”.

So what is there to see in Iceland? For one, Inspired by Iceland is seriously giving their all in organizingevents all across Iceland and of course, there’s the new Eyjafjallajökull Tourism Center, a must see for Volcano watchers.

The Eyjafjallajökull Tourism center will showcase artifacts and other exhibits of the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption. Here you will also find films and photographs, a site that is not for the faint of heart. Constructed in an old room in a farm, the tourism center is made from the volcanic ash spewed from Eyjafjallajökull mouth. If you are curious about the Eyjafjallajökull or volcanoes in general, you surelyshould not miss this attraction.

Icelandic volcanoes are also a must see for literature fans. Remember Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth? The travelers entered through one of the Icelandic volcanoes. Care to let you imagination run wild? Then head over to Eyjafjallajökull and speculate whether or not the Professor, Axel and Hans used Eyjafjallajökull’s volcanic tubes to enter a world apart from ours.
Also, since ash plumes are still visible atop the glacier topped volcano, photos with Eyjafjallajökull as the backdrop will surely be a rich and priceless remembrance. A visit to see this amazing site is a highlight amongst other great activities in Iceland. If Manhattan had a population of 224, that population density will be equal to Iceland’s population density of only over 300,000 inhabitants. Iceland is a great place to relax and enjoy tranquil moments away from one’s normal day to day life.

There are heaps of accommodations that will allow you a clear view of the famous ice-capped volcanoes as well as offer tours so you can get up close and personal but still at a safe distance. Grand Hotel Reykjavik is one such hotel; in addition, it is also a few minutes away from the city center and customer reviews of this hotel are no lower than 4 stars. Another hotel that is accessible to Eyjafjallajökull is Hotel Skogar. It is only a five minute walk away from Skogarfoss Waterfall at the foot of E14 and is the closest hotel to the famous volcano.

Not only does it offer great amenities, but it is also a great place to stay if you are on a budget.
To illustrate the beauty of Eyjafjallajökull that cannot be put into words, have a look at this video by Sean Stiegemeier.

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