When package holidays first came onto the scene in the 60’s Mallorca was the favourite destination.

Nearly 50 years on and Mallorca is still a firm favourite with holiday makers.   However while Mallorca is still a firm favourite, it seems that package holidays are not as popular as they once were and are on the decline and being replaced by Independent travel.With the ever increasing routes being offered by budget airlines such as easy Jet and Ryan air, they have paved the way for affordable travel, affordable Independent travel!  Independent travel has also been made easy with access  to the internet.  We have the world literally at our fingertips Why do people book their travel online? People who book online tend to research first where they want to go and then book their flights well in advance of their travel date to get the best deals. Once the flight is booked then there is plenty of time to research the area, resorts, food etc.. The next step for independent travellers is to book their hotel. The cheapest way to do this is to book through an online travel agency rather than the hotel directly.

My family books online because the choice is so much better than if we went to a high street travel agency. We reccomend booking online to all our friends and family. We book our hotels through cheap online websites. We always take two main holidays a holidays a year plus a couple of short breaks. If we had of booked through a High Street travel agency we would only be able to afford one main holiday a year.

How do independent travellers get from the airport to their hotel? Most independent travellers prefer to have all their arrangements made and pre paid in advance so they are also booking transfers online. Its also worth noting that coach and train tickets can also be booked and paid for online

At the end of the day booking independently online gets a thumbs up. Not just for the ease and quickness of it all but the main reason is that booking online is cheaper

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