Nothing can best define a childhood than an old movie watched over and over again as kids. Did you grow up exploring with Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? Did you sing with the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music? Did you wish to have the lives of Ariel and Belle? Did you want to have your own Optimus Prime?

Watching movies has been one of the world’s most famous pastimes. Since the late 1800s, filmmakers have been creating motion pictures to provide audiences with entertainment, creating stories to be enjoyed by different kinds of audiences. In the past decades, we have seen a rise of movies dedicated to children. As technology improves, lots of new ideas come up, and this surely keeps kids entertained. From actors to animation, from real life to 3D, there are lots to choose from and they sure are rising every year.

Film festivals are celebrated all over the world. The most known festivals in the world such as The New York Film Festival in North America and the Cannes Film Festival in Europe, for instance, celebrate the love for film every single year. These festivals cater to either international or local competitors, and they cater to different themes such as feature, shorts, animated, digital media, etc.


The Zlín International Children’s Film Festival in the Czech Republic will be concentrating on all things that kids will love on screen. This festival—which has been celebrated for 50 years—will be bigger and better. Running from the 29th of May to the 5th of June this year, this event promises new activities and features that will surely make kids develop a bigger appreciation for cinema. The programs are for both young and old, amateur and professionals, so there will certainly be something for everyone.

This is one of the biggest and oldest film festivals in the world. Last year, hundreds and thousands of audiences participated in the activities, and more people are expected to attend this year. For 2011, more than 350 films from 40 different countries are participating. Notable actors, directors, and animators will also be there to participate in the programs. One of the event highlights that will surely be enjoyed by the kids is the Cinematrain, a train that has been transformed as a moving cinema to function as a spot for watching loved fairy tales and movies. There will also be an art auction of 130 film clapperboards designed by famous and respected artists from all over the world.

While in Zlin, guests could also explore the city. One must-see in the Grand Cinema, the largest cinema in Europe. The Zlin Zoo and the The Archbishop’s Palace and Gardens, and the Villa of Tomáš Baťa are also popular tourist spots that recommended for visit where you’re in town. As the world gets older, more and more brilliant ideas are created each day. Filmmakers are more talented than ever, and this means that we would continue watching films that improve by the minute.



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