Did you know that the windmills in Ireland turn in a clockwise direction while the windmills in other parts of the world go the other way?

We’re not really going to talk about windmills for this feature—more of the direction, really. Ireland is rich with both old and modern attractions that will sure give all types of travelers a great time discovering, and for this article, we’re moving the same way as the windmills in the country: clockwise. Though you can also explore the country in a counter-clockwise direction, this is definitely one way to see some of its most treasured places. Below are some of the most important places that you must not miss when you’re traveling in Ireland clockwise.

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This is where your trip will begin and end. You will not run out of great things to do in Dublin—you can explore this place for weeks and not run out of amazing things to see and do. However, your visit to the capital will of course depend on the days you have for the trip, so you’re gonna have to work out a schedule that will give you enough time to look around. If you just have one or two days to see Dublin, you can’t go wrong with the classics; the most famous parts of the city: the ones that you shouldn’t miss are the Dublin Castle, the Christ Church Cathedral, and the The National Gallery of Ireland. If you’re with kids and would be able to squeeze in one whole day for one destination in the city, the Dublin Zoo will be a great place to visit.

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This is considered as one of Ireland‘s most historic city, so if you wish to learn and see more things that define the Irish culture, you must not miss this place. Stop by the Kilkenny Tourist Office to start off your tour, then be on your way to see some of the city’s most notable attractions such as the Kilkenny Castle, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the Rothe House.

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As the second largest city in Ireland, you will find a lot of thing to do in your stop here. Explore the medieval streets of the walled city, see Viking settlements, and see the overall wondrous charm of this place by going on a historic walking tour. Do not miss the Elizbeth Fort (which has a fantastic view of the city) and the historic St. Finbarr’s Cathedral.

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Stop by this place if you aim to find stunning landscapes and beautiful scenery. Visit the Killarney National Park to see the beautiful Torc Waterfall, take a tour at the historic Ross Castle, and walk around the charming Muckross House and Gardens.

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This is another place to see the best of unique Irish culture. This place is where you’ll learn about the story behind the tribes that used to live in different streets here–historic sites such as the Lynch’s Castle, Spanish Arch, and The Promenade (Salthill). This place is also well-known for its great pub culture, so you will have a great time unwinding with great Irish brews as well.

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