We are all familiar with lists such; the best books that have to be read, great movies that should be seen, twenty cities must be visited… If such a list is prepared for constructions bridges will get one of the top rank. Because; the bridges, connections between different places, are the most useful and serving constructions. Sometime continents are connected sometime cities. Most of the bridges are built upon rivers and seas but; in some cases are built to connect mountains. Nobody knows when and how the first bridge was built. In some cases bridges exist naturally. For example; a big rock fall down from the top of the mountain and stops in the middle of the river where it connects two sides.

Today we are much beyond of nature and wooden made bridges.  Concrete and iron are the main components used in construction of bridges. Unlike the short and small bridges in past we have long and big bridges. With the help of computer technology new type of bridges are built and most creative ones will be built in future.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, Tower Bridge in London and Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia are the first bridges come to mind when we talk about bridges. Each of these bridges is a landmark for the city it is located. They are being seen by millions of people every year and been used by thousands of people each day. After these three ones Kintai Bridge in Iwakuni, Japan; Bosphorus in Istanbul,Turkey; Ponte Vecchio in Florence,Italy and Chain Bridge in Budapest could be considered as famous bridges from different countries.

As human beings we like to create new things and change the forms of discovered things. So that bridges are changing and getting new shapes. I gave some examples of bridges in my previous paragraph. The common characteristic of that bridges was being built and start operation before twenty first century. Here, I want to give some examples of bridges that start operation in twenty first century.

Banpo Bridge in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, has been modified 3 years ago and started to operate last year. The bridge has the fame of being the longest bridge fountain in the world. The bridge entered Guinness World Record with pumping out 190 tons of water only in a minute. The water is pumped from Han River itself so; the water is recycled. At nights pumped water is lighted and a beautiful view exists.

Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia is a touristic bridge. It is not used for cars because of its size and location. It is 700m above the sea level with a 125m length.  Langkawi Cable Car provides the transportation service. On the bridge you can get beautiful nature pictures.

The Øresund or Öresund Bridge is connecting Sweden to Denmark. Öresund is the longest rail bridge of Europe continent. The bridge was opened in the first day of July in 2000.The construction of the bridge with rail roads took 5 years. Swedish and Danish governments aim to get back the money they invest in 30 years from users.

Tianjin Eye Bridge in China was an ordinary and usual bridge until 2007 but after that date it started to be one of the interesting place in the city. In 2007 a Ferris Wheel (observation wheel or big wheel) with 120m height was constructed over the bridge. The wheel gets the fourth rank of Ferris Wheel in the world.

The number of the examples could be increased but; it is not possible to do in such a short writing and I am not preparing a thesis about bridges. The aim is to trigger your attention about bridges and for this purpose eleven name would be enough. To read about bridges give you the information about them but; not the feeling when you pass over them. So I hope you all have a chance to pass over amazing,historic and creative bridges.

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